Zac Efron’s brother expresses support for best friend Wil Dasovich


The brother of Hollywood actor Zac Efron took to social media to share a heartfelt message for his best friend Wil Dasovich who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Dylan Efron recalled how he and Dasovich became close when they lived in the same city and went to the same college together.

“This is Wil Dasovich. Growing up, before MySpace ranked your top 8, we used to joke we were each other’s 7th or 8th best friend,” Efron wrote. “He instantly became a best friend and my absolute arch-nemesis in just about any competitive sport you can think of, Super Smash Bros included.”

Dylan then went on to describe Dasovich by enumerating his endearing qualities.

“His unique personality is contagious and anyone who knows him is bound to have picked up a few of his slang words or offbeat mannerisms. He’s spent the last three years traveling the world and influencing people through his vlog channel,” he said.

Dylan said Dasovich’s “latest video is inspiring as hell but the news was hard for me to take in.”

He then prodded his followers to give Dasovich’s video a watch for it is “a perfect introduction to one of the people I care about most.”

Dasovich is currently in the United States, where he underwent a series of medical checkups after he experienced internal bleeding.

His vlog entry, which Dylan was pertaining to, wraps up his life as a travel blogger, showing his adventures in Southeast Asia.

In the clip, the 25-year-old Dasovich expressed his gratitude to the people whom he shared his journey with, especially to those who supported his vlog.

He also thanked the Philippines for the “never-ending smiles, the continuous laughter, overwhelming hospitality, anf the resilience to remain positive no matter the situation.”

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