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By Joyce Reyes-Aguila

With December 25 fast approaching, many homes have already been spruced up for the festive season –decorated with something sparkling or shimmering to lend that familiar spirit of the holidays.

This, of course, includes the front door – that part of the house that welcomes you, your family, and guests. In a very real way, your door greets passers-by and has the power to possibly lift some spirits who may need a little pick-me-up for the yuletide season.

A wreath is probably the standard, most basic décor, but we can all challenge our creativity to come up with something unique to make our home’s main portal more eye-catching. Surprise your loved ones with these ideas that can transform your front door into a favorite selfie background and one of the best features of your house this Christmas.


Transform umbrellas into a bouquet of faux flowers and ribbons, suggests decorating and design blog Hang this on your door like you would display a wreath. You can also try to do this with an old pair of boots (or four in different colors or designs)or a watering can, if you love gardening.



If Peppa Pig and George, or the whole Trolls crew dominated your home this year, it is only fitting that they rule the front door! Help your children transform the looks of some of their toys, put them in a basket, and hang on your front door. Do explain that their favorites will have to be on display for a few weeks. And anticipate that, after some consideration, they might want a Barbie on your home entry. Your front door look can get an unplanned update.



According to the same blog, you can pay homage to your family in a fun way by having giant letter monograms on your front door! Enjoy making your monogram more elaborate; the choices are plenty. Shower it with glitters, change the look with a Christmas wrapper, or decorate it with twine. You can get inspiration from your family’s favorite basketball team’s color or what your family enjoys the most during this season: music, food, or gift-giving.



Reassign your bedroom or kitchen chalkboard to your front door for a few weeks. This way, you can employ different Christmas sayings or lines from much-loved holiday songs whenever you feel like it. You can greet guests with a beautifully written welcome sign (and add their names, if you like!). During weekdays, surprise your family by giving a clue about what’s for dinner. Or you get them more excited (or stressed) by indicating how many days are left on the Christmas countdown!


Gift wrapping.

Find ribbon colors or prints that work perfectly with your door. Run it across your door like you would a Christmas present. To keep the other side of your door clean, tape it at the bottom and top to your door neatly. Choose where you want to have your front door’s big bow now that it looks like one enormous gift.


Update your wreath.

If you feel strongly about having a holiday wreath, refresh its look. If it previously had flowers, replace its décor with ornament balls. You can also elect to keep the original design and add ribbons, tiny pompoms in Christmas colors, or angels. If you are really a fan of wreaths, you can get three in small, medium, and large sizes. Put them on each in other in this order to form a snowman. Don’t forget the scarf between the first two for extra charm.



You can also mix and match two or three décor ideas, if you wish. Try placing your family monogram at the center or on top of your wreath. Place some toys inside those boots or make them the center of your wreath.

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