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Ayasofya Vittoria Aguirre leads way for young ice skaters medal haul



By Brian Yalung

Ayasofya Vittoria Aguirre | photo credit Arnold M. Aguirre

Ayasofya Vittoria Aguirre | photo credit Arnold M. Aguirre

At 7-years-old Ayasofya Vittoria Aguirre and company found themselves bunched up against older and seasoned ice skaters at the Skate Japan 2017 held at the Saitama Ice Arena in Ageo city. Despite the seemingly overwhelming odds, the young Filipina lass outshined other participants by bagging 3 golds, 1 silver while also being voted as the best overall in Artistic performance.

The participating countries for the meet included host Japan, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Aguirre first went up against a 13-year-old Indonesian skater, Ivana Antoinette Michaela, in the Footwork elements where she bagged her first gold.

From there, Aguirre bested two other figure ice skaters from Hong Kong in the Technical elements to capture two more golds uncontested.

Aside from Aguirre, other Pinay figure ice skaters who took part in the meet included seven-year-old Shaelynn Adrianne Bolos (3 golds and 1 silver), 8-year-old Hossana Immanuela Valdez (3 golds) and 11-year-old Mishka Bolos (2 golds and 1 silver), 12-year-old Maegan Ramos (1 gold and 1 silver) and 13-year-old Yuria Yumoto (2 silvers). Hossana Immanuela is the daughter of former Philippine national bowler Paolo Valdez while Shaelyn Adrianne (SAB) was seen as one of the most promising skaters before Skate Japan 2017.

The Philippine contingent to Skate Japan 2017 | photo credit: Coach Al Marinas

The Philippine contingent to Skate Japan 2017 | photo credit: Coach Al Marinas

The accomplishment of Aguirre and the rest is living proof that the evidence-based scientific approach training is on the right track. The program includes muscle conditioning and strengthening with endurance and stamina which were key factors in the success of the 7-year-old lass.

Supported by the Philippine Sports Commission(PSC) via the grassroots program, Sports Director Marc Velasco of Philippine Sports Institute (PSI) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman William Ramirez hope to properly guide emerging athletes with the help of coach Jay Futalan of the Philippine Center for Sports Medicine (PCSM).

Futalan is the same man supporting Hidilyn Diaz, the Philippines’ silver medalist for weight lifting during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“I also believe emerging athletes should be guided by parents as much as possible. I made a big sacrifice giving up my full-time job, just to monitor her progress. I remember the comment of our Rio Olympian Hidilyn Diaz during my daughter’s session with their conditioning coach Jay Futalan where she envied us because she saw how supportive we were to our daughter,” shares the proud father of Ayasofya – Arnold M. Aguirre.

Ayasofya Vittoria Aguirre’s Footwork elements performance at Skate Japan 2017 can be viewed in the video below.

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