Why Was Lovi Poe Embarrassed When She Met Eddie Redmayne?


Have you ever wondered if celebrities get starstruck too? To answer your question is Lovi Poe who met Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne over the weekend.

lovie poe eddie redmayne

Courtesy of Lovi Poe’s Instagram account

While in Venice, Italy for an Omega event, Lovi had a fangirl moment while getting a photo with Eddie. In a photo posted on Instagram, she said, “So I survived wearing heels these past couple of days in the floating city, but I managed to embarrass myself and trip over my dress in front of Eddie Redmayne. I guess that’s what happens when you get too excited and start fangirling!”

It’s okay, Lovi. We’d probably freak out too if we got the chance to meet Eddie. And we also feel a little bit better knowing that celebrities get starstruck and fangirl too.


Photo courtesy of Lovi Poe’s Instagram account

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