Why Lea Salonga at the 71st Tony Awards Is the Cutest


Lea Salonga is truly in her element as she flew to New York for the 71st Tony Awards—she has become a nominee, an awardee, and now a presenter. We just need her to host and then she’s done it full circle.

We felt her excitement and energy when she officially announced that she would be presenting. Now we check out her series of selfies during rehearsals, and we look forward to seeing more taken backstage. But guess which selfie got my attention? And all of you, Star Wars fans, would agree with me.

Lea caught up with Mark Hamill and posted a selfie with the caption, “And here it is!!! @HamillHimself, thank you for being gracious and sweet. #TonyAwards2017.”


He retweeted and copied the exact same caption, but his hashtags took the win. “#TonyAwards2017 #My2ndFavoriteLea #LeaandLuke #SoLongSalonga.” Okay, gush a little bit more.


She also had a selfie taken with Josh Gad—our personal favorite from the recent Beauty and the Beast movie.


Of course she had a Hamilton-related selfie with her “bes” Lin Manuel Miranda. I remember when I interviewed her before and asked about her LSS and her answer was, you guessed it, Hamilton.


Here’s Christopher Jackson, who was part of Hamilton, and artist Oak Smash.


She won’t let In Transit’s Justin Guarini and David Abeles pass without a photo.


And gasp, John Lithgow. I mean guys have you seen him play Winston Churchill in The Crown?


She also posted a photo with fellow theater actor Brian Jose who she described as the person taking care of her at this year’s Tony’s.


Lastly, she posted a selfie with herself, which bore the description “presenter.” Lea tagged it as her next profile photo.


Aww, Lea! You’re just like any one of us going through the motions of the Tony Awards as you fan girl with fellow artists. We look forward to seeing more updates from you, so please keep them coming.


Photo courtesy of Lea Salonga’s Instagram account

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