Why Jessica Yang Swears By Gold Lipstick and Mint Green Nail Polish


Helpful makeup tips can come from anywhere—professionals, YouTube tutorials, and various publications. In this case, I got a few from model Jessica Yang.

During one of her off-duty days, we had a short chat while she was makeup shopping. Coming from someone who’s constantly on the go and who is used to sporting different looks regularly, Jess imparted some helpful advice that we can use anytime. Scroll down to know quick day-to-night fixes and even makeup suited for small Asian eyes.

#1 In case of emergency, bring extra lipstick


“I bring two to three lipsticks in my bag, and I also like putting them in separate palettes. I change color time to time throughout the day that’s why I bring different lipsticks.”

#2 Gold lipstick makes all the difference

GIF courtesy of ‘Glamour’

How do you change your look from daytime to nighttime without starting over? Jess suggested, “Take a gold lipstick and put it on top of any lipstick to make it shimmery.” This will work with any color from nude brown to striking blue.

#3 Always have makeup wipes


We all know the hassle of trying to fix a makeup error, especially when you’re in a public setting. Avoid this by having makeup wipes in your bag at all times. “[I like using J.Cat’s makeup remover pads,] which comes in a small container and it’s easy to carry,” Jess said. “If you have a small mistake, you can correct it easily.”

 #4 Make your nail polish the star


“Now I don’t wear much lipstick, especially when I’m with my boyfriend—obviously. [Laughs] Instead, I make my nails stand out with fun colors,” Jess said. Her current picks are baby blue and mint green hues.

#5 Trick to getting bigger eyes


If you have smallish eyes, Jess’ number one rule is to not put eyeliner on the water line. “They say it makes the eyes bigger, but it’s wrong for Asian eyes. You’re just going to look angry and it’ll make your eyes appear smaller,” she said. “What you can do is [tight line your upper lid] with a black liner to open it up. Also, highlight the front of your eye. It’ll still look natural without overdoing it.”


Photo courtesy of Jessica Yang’s Instagram account

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