Why DIY hair color is popular


IN terms of hair coloring, I started a little late. I first had my hair colored only about 10 years ago. This is late, because these days, even 15-year-olds have their hair colored.

Anyway, after repeated coloring procedures, my hair texture became coarser. For me, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I’ve always had very fine hair. My hair strands, when looked at individually, are so thin you can barely see them.

So what did I learn after coloring my hair? One is that you can’t undo it. You need to retouch the color every month because of regrowth. So if  budget is an issue, you can do-it-yourself (DIY) at home. I’m personally too clumsy to color my own hair, but my mom has done this for decades. I buy the Revlon No. 41 for her at Watsons twice a month. The second thing I learned (after having my hair bleached) is that hair damage is irreversible, and no amount of Argan oil or treatment will make it better. Side note about bleaching: It’s the most damaging process that your hair will go through. Thus, it should always be done by a professional. Bleaching raises your hair’s outer cuticle to allow the bleaching agent to fully penetrate

Watsons recently launched its #HairGoals campaign to encourage female shoppers to go out of their hair comfort zones and discover different colors and trends. The campaign hopes to introduce a whole new world of color and style options and alternatives for women.

Aimee Pernia, Watsons senior category manager for Hair Care, says Filipinos’s admiration for Korean celebrities is helping grow the hair color category.

In support of this, an event was held on May 19 at the Mall Of Asia Activity Center in Pasay. Guests were given a chance to try out new hairstyles and colors by trying out the products and tools available at Watsons. With hair color provided by L’Oreal, Revlon, Kolours, Bigen, Beautylabo, Lolane, Liese and Revia; styling tools and products by JML, W. Elite, Babyliss, VS Sassoon, TRESemmé, Aquanet, Finesse and Suave; and hair care products by Dove, Pantene and Creamsilk, it was a colorful event.

Watsons also held a Color Your Hair Day Sale—a one-day nationwide sale on all hair color products over the weekend. Shoppers got 50 percent off on all participating brands.

Aimee Pernia, Watsons senior category manager for Hair Care, said the DIY hair color category is growing in the Philippines because of several factors. She acknowledged that one of these is Filipinos’s admiration for Korean celebrities.

“Hair color, styling and care is a category that Watsons wants to be the leader in. This is why we’re pushing this campaign to tell shoppers that there’s so much in terms of hair color and styling choices at Watsons,” Pernia said.

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