What to Do When You Just Can’t Anymore


When Maine Mendoza spoke up about the pressures of her sudden and so-far enduring fame, it didn’t surprise a lot of us. Being a celebrity these days is insane with social media dissecting even the most minute details of your personality. We’ve read too many tragedies that stemmed from dismissing stress and feeling burned out.

We also know that this isn’t just an exclusive condition for stars. We all feel the strain of everyday life in various levels. Sadness and tiredness is universal but the way we deal with it and what it does to us is specific. We all have different nuanced roles to fulfill in our lives, so it’s easy to feel a little helpless. Most of all, we are all just human and there will always be moments in our lives we just want to hit the eject button. Before things go bad, we put a little list of things to do when you’re about to implode.

#1 Cut off from social media

Even if you don’t have a crazy social media following worth millions, the pressure to present yourself in a certain way is there. Taking cue from our previous article, I tried not posting on social media for a month instead of completely cutting off. It helps and makes you wonder the stress we put on ourselves to get the right shot and the unhealthy way we equate self-esteem to likes. When you cut off, you find the people who really reach out and the moments precious enough to savor as it is.

#2 Prioritize some me-time

It’s one thing to log off social media but to let go of your stressors altogether is another thing. Maine Mendoza or not, we play so many different roles in life. But when was the last time you were there for yourself? Scientifically speaking, there are benefits in doing nothing. Me-time which sometimes merits an activity like booking a massage or a shopping spree, can get stressful too. So try just doing nothing. Stare at the ceiling, empty your mind the old-school way. Allow yourself to get bored by it. A mind too cluttered is bound to explode.

#3 Book a fitness class

There are a lot of exercises you can do at home on your own. But there’s something about the ritual of going to yoga, to the gym or a fitness center that makes the experience detached from work. I look forward to my 45-minute spin class at least thrice a week not just because of the abs. It’s also because it’s the most I go without even having my phone in sight. It’s just me, the music, and the instructor to keep going. Plus there’s the hormone boost as you sweat. It’s something that you solely benefit from, mind and body.

#4 Plan out your next vacation

You don’t have to go, you know. You can just let yourself wonder about the possibilities between various destinations, new tourists spots, and other bucket-list-worthy options like New Zealand. Part of the vacation is the small fantasy they offer and the excitement that goes into figuring what you want to do. By the time you’re done, you’ll surely have a smile on your face and something to look forward to.

#5 Watch a feel good video or movie

It pays to go old-school. Have you watched Coco? Go alone so you can let loose or if you really must, gather the troops. We heard Moira De La Torre’s “Baby Shark” rendition today and it calmed us down. Take advantage of this period by going through the programs under the “My List” section on Nextflix. Or if you can’t handle too much stimulation, watch a “What’s In My Bag?” video.

#6 Make yourself a treat

Sangria for one? How about a milkshake to make you feel like a child again? We have a lot of videos to help you make something without much skill needed. It’s not just the drink itself that will help you out but the process of putting effort for something only you will enjoy is something you will benefit from.

#7 Go crazy on personal care

Pamper yourself with glitter mask. Consider the joys of a long makeup or skincare routine. Hey, you can experiment on doing a new makeup look even if you’re not stepping out of the house. Makeup and skincare prove to be helpful when you’re down. In your home, you can indulge in the many ways you can make yourself feel better. When I have hours to spare and nowhere to go, I find doing something like the Origins Rituali Tea Purifying Cleansing Body Mask is helpful to reset for life.


Art by Lara Intong

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