THIS obviously so biased New York Times mustn’t know what it’s talking about when it urged in its recent editorial the Duterte administration to “restart negotiations with the militant groups.”

What? Negotiate with the terrorists like the ISIS-supported Maute Group? What the hell this damn NYT is saying? Didn’t it know that these are terrorists that never value life, these are people who are indoctrinated to kill and be killed for an unfounded belief.

And if the government will be the one to take the first step to approach to negotiate with them, these terrorists will even become bigheaded and more demanding but they shouldn’t deserve such kind of treatment.

They should perish and maybe so with NYT which has now become infamous for showing its true color that is partial as its sense of balance and fair news has long eroded over the years.

Besides, what’s the point of negotiating with these terrorists when, in fact, the government is seemingly already winning the battle against the group as indicated by the massive deaths from their side though sadly, there were few from the government troops.

Moreover, the Maute parents and other relatives have already been arrested and are currently in jail, awaiting charges filed in court.

If NYT didn’t’ know how to get facts right, it would be better to shut up!


Brothers Navotas Mayor John Rey Tiangco and Rep. Toby Tiangco led late last week the inauguration of school buildings and a bridge in the coastal city.

Navotas Elementary School (Central) and Daanghari Elementary School now have additional four-and-three-story school buildings with 12 and nine classrooms, respectively, according to the Tiangco brothers.

During the inauguration at Daanghari ES, Navotas Mayor Tiangco also turned over some 14 50-inch smart television set to the school as part of the city government’s efforts to support the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to improve the quality of education provided to young Navoteños.

The Tiangco brothers also reopened the Bangkulasi Bridge, which underwent repair in 2015, to the public.

Riding a vintage US Army jeep, they crossed the bridge for the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon. GOOD RIDDANCE/ARLIE CALALO


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