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Kids of all ages share what they love most about their father at home


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila

There are dads of all kinds. And many say that while anyone can become a father, not everyone can be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at it.

Daddies influence relationships and are central to the emotional well-being of their children, according to human behavior, parenting, and education expert Dr. Gail Gross.In her piece “The Important Role of Dad” for the huffingtonpost.com, Gross explains that if a father is “affectionate, supportive, and involved,” he will greatly contribute to a child’s “cognitive, language, and social development, as well as academic achievement, a strong inner core resource, sense of well-being, good self-esteem, and authenticity.” How a child interacts with her dad, the author continues, provides early patterns of interaction that will be projected forward into all relationships. Whatever the setup, gender orientation, or role of a father, Gross says it will not matter – so long as he is involved in the life of his child.

Recognizing and rewarding dads is important on Father’s Day, affirms Gross, as they actively teach children important life skills by being in their lives. We asked kids of all ages what they love most about their dad, especially at home. From hugs to playtime to jokes, they all proudly share what Daddy does best.


“My dad is the best playmate ever! He helps me build Legos and even plays pretend princess games with me. We sing a lot together; he pretends to be Maui and I am Moana. I love how my dad stays awake with me whenever I have trouble sleeping or when I have nightmares. He makes sure that I sleep first before he settles in bed. At night, we usually talk about stuff like what my next birthday party is going to be. But my favorite is when we talk about dinosaurs and My Little Pony.” – Sofia Y. Santillan on dad Richard


“My daddy is the best daddy-robot ever! He would carry me on his robot shoulders and bring me everywhere. Then he would give me big, big hugs! He’s also the best daddy because he fixes all my toys and (treats) all my ouchies. My Daddy also loves to make wood stuff for me like my cabinets and my bed. He is the best cajon(a percussive musical instrument) player and he lets me play with my little cajon, too. We love listening to the radio when we’re in the car. He also sings Wheels on the Bus and Finger Family with me. He even dances to our favorite song, That Girl, by Kungs v. Cookin.  Yeah, Dad’s cool like that! –Anika Soleia Dalit on dad Glenn


“Pops is always there for us in whatever we choose to do. He’s been retired for a few years now but he still finds ways to make himself busy and be a good dad to me and my siblings. He’s our ‘household chores man,’ always tinkering with stuff and cleaning up mess at home, especially in our rooms. He still drives my mom to her clinic every day, and watches movies with her. He’s now also very addicted to Facebook. Nowadays, he’s exploring his artistic side by painting bright colors on objects like rocks, chairs, etc. Our world wouldn’t be as colorful as it is right now if it weren’t for him. Happy Father’s Day, Pa! Love you!” – Tony Tuason on dad Tomas

“Now that I am in Australia, I miss the special omelets Papa cooks for us on Sundays. Another thing that I really miss and love about Papa is when he makes us help with household chores! I love how he inspires us to do what we really want and helps us achieve our goals. I miss you Dad!Love you! – Enzo Tuason on dad Tomas

“What I love most about Papa is his jokes and his happy personality. He is always there to support us and give good advice when we need it. I feel very lucky having him as my dad because I always feel his unconditional love even if I’m far away.” – Andrea Tuason on dad Tomas


“I love that my daddy cares for me. When I get tired, he always carries me on his back. I also like it when he massages me and cleans my ears so I can sleep faster. I also appreciate all his gifts.  My daddy is the best!  Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. Thank you for everything! I love you! – Dav Ngo on dad Denny

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you!”– Dani Ngo on dad Denny


“I like that he hugs me and builds Lego with me.” – Ali Rayos on dad Dodie

“He hugs me all night when I sleep, brings me to school every day, helps me with homework, and cooks food for us.”  – Gabby Rayos on dad Dodie


“Daddy’s good at playing with me and telling stories. He’s good at fixing my toys. He lets me help him cook banana balls (fritters) and wash dishes. He’s good at cooking, gardening, and looking after the plants.” – Diego Cancengco on dad Jar


“My daddy is capable of doing such incredible things that never fail to amaze me. One thing he does best is motivating me. I mostly worry and overthink due to loads of school work but he constantly reminds me to breathe and that I can do it because he believes in me. In addition, he tells me to be consistent and to stay grounded in times of triumph. He assures me that no matter what life brings, I can get through the ups and downs.” – Jewel Buenrostro on dad Joel


“Tatay is really good at taking pictures. He taught me how to use my camera and lets me help him take pictures in some parties. He also taught me to use my imagination. At home, we create things using recycled things like boxes and bottles. We created different toys out of recycled materials. It’s really fun to spend time with Tatay because it makes me happy. He teaches me to be creative.”  – Elijah Ferrer on dad Jeff


“My dad is the best when he carries me and my sister and then spins. He’s best at doing workouts. He doesn’t believe that Marcos is a hero, and he’s best at making coffee. He also helps Mom cook. He’s the best because he spends time with me.” – Iñigo Abanilla on dad John Paul

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