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by Leslie Ann Aquino

The Philippine Church is in need of another Jaime Cardinal Sin, according to “running priest” Fr. Robert Reyes.

Speaking to The Manila Bulletin on the eve of Sin’s 12th death anniversary, Reyes said the Church is in need of another Cardinal Sin who will speak up and break its seeming “disturbing silence.”

“We need a constant and consistent voice of life, truth, justice and morality to break the disturbing silence which can easily be interpreted as aquiescence or resignation,” he said.

Jaime Cardinal Sin

“Cardinal Sin always spoke up and kept everyone engaged in the all too important task of moral discernment and responsiveness,” added Reyes.

Such a voice, he said inspired others to be equally vigilant discerning and engaged.

In a previous interview, the activist priest said eversince Sin died the church became somewhat laidback.

“When the cardinal died, it seems the church became laidback,” Reyes said.

“Cardinals (Gaudencio) Rosales, (Luis Antonio) Tagle they are good people. But when Rosales succeeded Sin in the Archdiocese of Manila he said people should not compare him to Sin. It’s as if he was saying people should not expect him to always speak up, which is wrong. You should always speak up when you need to and now is the time for church people to speak up,” he added.

Rosales succeeded Sin in 2003. When Rosales retired in 2011, Tagle became his successor.

Reyes cited the time when President Duterte was cursing and hitting the church for its alleged abuses as an example.

“When we are being cursed should we just remain silent? We should speak up because not all priests are thieves, womanizers, or lazy yet nobody is speaking up,” he said.

“Bishops and priests need not be afraid even we are also sinners… there’s no one clean here. We are all sinners but our sins should not be an excuse for us not to perform our duty to be moral leaders; moral guide that will help the people discern what to do,” added Reyes.

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