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Six-member K-pop boy band VIXX has returned to the music scene with a new album.

VIXX (Photo courtesy of VIXX’s Facebook page)

Known as the “concept idol group,” VIXX released their fourth mini-album “Shangri-La” “Shangri-La” on May 15. It is the band’s own interpretation of “oriental fantasy.”

“To follow the theme of ‘Shangri-La,’ this song is about paradise,” explained Ravi on Naver V Live as they were shooting the music video for “Shangri-La.”

The album’s original title in Korean, “Do Won Kyung,” means “the peach blossom land,” a remote utopia from the outside world.

VIXX also released the music video for “Shangri-La,” which has garnered 3.40 million views as of press time.

The boys’ concept photos were used as elements in an oriental painting.

In addition, the album’s design was also based on VIXX’s celebration of their fifth anniversary since debuting in 2012. The members’ birth flowers and birthstones were also incorporated in the album design.

“Shangri-La” is another collaboration between VIXX and Devine-Channel, a production team known in Korea and abroad. Ravi also helped in writing the lyrics of all the five songs in the album “Shangri-La,” “Into the Void,” “Black Out,” “1, 2, 3, 4, 5,” and “To Us.”

VIXX were also reunited with popular choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid, who have Filipino ancestry, for “Shangri-La.” The duo previously choreographed VIXX’s song “Fantasy.” They were also joined by choreographer Yu Jung Wan who incorporated the use of fans in the dance to create an Oriental feel.

From May 12 to 14, the boys held the “VIXX Live Fantasia Daydream” concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium. They will follow this up with another concert on June 11 at Busan KBS Hall.

An exhibition called “VIXX 0524” opened on May 24 and it will run until June 4 at the Ara Art Centre.

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