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John Lloyd Cruz

Actor John Lloyd Cruz has “apologized” to fans after videos of him went viral over the weekend.

The actor went on vacation in Bantayan Island, Cebu with friends, including his “Home Sweetie Home” co-star Ellen Adarna.

Netizens were quick to react over uploaded videos of John Lloyd singing, dancing, and even taking a photo beside a gas cylinder. John Lloyd, who seemed to have had a good time based on the videos, was speculated to have been drinking then.

While some netizens found his behavior in the videos somewhat strange, others defended John Lloyd saying he was just having fun with friends like regular folks do.

John Lloyd did not specify what his apology was for. “diz iz mi lerning. very humbling but i do apologize to the little boys & girls. no regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty,” his message read on Instagram.

In a statement sent to “TV Patrol” by Star Magic executive and director Johnny Manahan on Monday, Sept. 11, he said John Lloyd was “just letting off some steam” and will be more careful with his actions in the future.

“John Lloyd works hard as an actor. 18 hours at a stretch. We was just letting off some steam. In this age of an all-pervasive social media, what is ok and innocent in private becomes worthlessly controversial in public. He will have learned his lesson and be more careful in the future,” Manahan’s statement read.

John Lloyd previously debunked rumors that he and Ellen are dating. However, photos and videos of their vacation showing them seemingly getting cozy with each other created speculations about the true nature of their relationship.

John Lloyd called Ellen “baby” in one of the videos, while Ellen posted a photo of them together on Instagram. Ellen also reacted on the Instagram post of radio DJ Rico Robles, who defended them.

“Hindi naman kami nag yoga retreat,” Ellen replied.

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