Up to the challenge | The Daily Guardian


By: Francisco B Lindero, Jr.

THE TWO suspected drug lords in Region 6 are dead.

But while their deaths affected supply and demand of drugs, it was certainly not enough to put an end to the illegal trade.

The lieutenants are still alive and push the illegal trade so hard despite the intensified and concerted campaign.

Simply, the problem remains a threat to peace, safety and security of the people here. Well, certainly not the way it did in other places in the country.

So long, however, that there are still illegal drug traders operating in the region, we cannot be absolutely sure that criminality will not happen.

We have to remember that crimes are perpetuated by people who are mentally deranged, and that what illegal drugs do – making people nuts!

But the fact that the police and the PDEA continue to deliver positive results in their anti-illegal drug operations, we remain optimistic that the goal of making Western Visayas a drug-free region is never a wishful thinking. In fact, it is almost close at hand.

Apparently, daily news on positive drug buy busts are manifestations that our anti-illegal drug units and operatives are not sleeping on their job.

In fact, the death of the two drug lords made them even more aggressive to catch the small fishes in the pond.

The neutralization of Richard Prevendido has proven the level of competency, dedication and professionalism of the Region 6 police to carry out their mandate.

They have proven their worth by doing what is required and expected of them, and that there is no need of an import to accomplish their job.

Truly, unyielding results of police-PDEA initiated anti-illegal drug operations simply show that Region 6 is up to the challenge to clear this part of the country of the dregs and misfits – the illegal drug pushers!

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