ITS strike two for the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) after two gun raids in the province since October 2017.

The first is against businessman Jojo Sanson of Sara, Iloilo and the second was against a village chief Andres Bedro of Kinalkalan, Balasan who also happens to be the Association of Barangay Captains president.

In the Sanson raid, the special operations group of IPPO failed to find a gun or any contraband from his house.

In Balasan, they did find a gun but it was covered by a licence which will expire in 2020 yet. In the second raid, Senior Insp. Pinuela said they received intelligence reports that the barangay captain was hoarding unlicensed guns and was employing goons.

It appears then that Pinuela’s intelligence report is hardly intelligible. If he indeed validated the intel report, they would have known that the barangay captain owns a licensed gun.

This is very disconcerting since the PNP is under fire for alleged incompetence aside from accusations of summarily executing suspected drug peddlers and “evidence planting.”

If intelligence officers like Pinuela cannot get their acts together, how can we lick the illegal drug problem?



Two factions of Duterte supporters in Visayas are at each other’s neck.

Kilusang Pagbabago has been lambasting the faction of Presidential Adviser for Visayas Michael Diño over supposed unfinished projects in super typhoon-Yolanda affected areas.

We have received several press releases from KP which placed Diño in a bad light.

Meanwhile, Diño has been trying to convince Ilonggos that Duterte loves us, despite calling the city and province as “most shabulized” and “bedrock of illegal drugs.”

The KP-Diño is a classic example of how political supporters quarrel among themselves for the spoils of their electoral victory and attention of the sitting president. Same old, same old.



The federalism bandwagon is becoming a racketeer’s template to dupe the public.

Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG-6) regional director Anthony Nuyda issued the warning against groups posing federalism advocates and asking money from local politicians.

Aside from fundraising, some ambitious Duterte supporters use federalism to enter or resurface in the political arena.

This is what happens in the absence of a clear template for this animal called federalism.

Animal gid!

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