Uh-Oh, Did the Department of Tourism Copy South Africa’s Ad?


The Department of Tourism is in hot water for allegedly copying South Africa’s tourism ad for their latest commercial.

On Independence Day, the DOT released “Sights,” a one-minute ad featuring a Japanese tourist who’s exploring the Philippines. In the video, he narrates, “Here, you don’t have to see the sun to discover radiance. You don’t have to see colors to experience vibrance. You don’t have to see smiles to know you are safe. You don’t have to see to feel you are home.” It’s then revealed that the man is blind and the ad ends with him walking Vigan’s cobblestone streets.

It’s a touching video, yes. But netizens quickly pointed out on Reddit that it’s an exact copy of a “Meet South Africa” ad which was released last year.

The Philippines’ new tourism video is a copycat of South Africa’s from last year from Philippines



We watched it too, and it also features a blind man who’s exploring the scenic destinations of South Africa. We have to say that there are similarities You can watch it below to see for yourself.

Meanwhile, disappointed Reddit users called on DOT Secretary Wanda Teo to be accountable for copying another video. Some also joked that director Brillante Mendoza should’ve directed the ad.



What do you think? Was it a blatant copy or just sheer coincidence? Let us know in the section below.



Screengrab from YouTube

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