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By Mark Isaiah David

Every day, millions of people answer Twitter’s perpetual question: “What’s Happening?” It’s the company’s tagline unveiled a year ago, and it’s still making waves in the internal workings of the company.

With the (almost) daily Twitter tantrums thrown by US President Trump, the company is enjoying renewed vigor. “What’s Happening” is not just a question– it’s a bold statement, a mission. Twitter isn’t just asking, it’s saying that it is the hot thing right now, that it IS what’s happening.

And with this new energy, Twitter has decided to roll out a new look and some new features. Grace Kim, Twitter’s VP of User Research & Design, breaks down the changes:

1. Find It In One

You can now find the Profile, Additional Accounts, Settings, and Privacy in one convenient place. An updated side navigation menu, plus fewer tabs at the bottom makes a tidier, easier browsing experience.(This was launched for the Android app earlier and is now also present for the iOS version)

2. Open Safari

For Apple users, Twitter lets you access sites you’re already signed into easier by opening links to articles and websites in Safari’s viewer.

3. Clearer Type

Refined typography and bolder headlines help make the users focus on the content. New rounded profile photos, Twitter also thinks, will make it clearer to see what’s being said and who’s saying it.

4. Improved Icons

Twitter’s icons have changed time and again, and for good reason. They keep looking for ways to make it easier to engage with Tweets. The reply icon (an arrow), Twitter shared, repeatedly kept being mistaken for the delete or go back to a previous page. In response, Twitter switched to a speech bubble – a symbol, they think, most people know and love.

5. Live Updates

You can now see your tweets go viral as it happens. Tweets now update instantly with Reply, Retweet, and Like counts.

6. More Choices

Additional accessibility choices (increased color contrast, etc.)are now supported.

Trump’s penchant for using Twitter for his controversial tweets has renewed interest in the app and given it renewed prominence. The company is quick to capitalize on this trend by unveiling a new look and features that it hopes will keep users engaged. Although they don’t address Twitter’s more serious problems – like abuse and trolling – they are designed to help those that choose to stick with the app.

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