Tronsmart’s U5PTA USB Charger is your must-have Travel Accessory


One USB charger to juice up all your gadgets

Wherever we go, we always have more than one gadget in our bag: It can be a smartphone (or two), a tablet, a pocket WiFi, a compact camera, a power bank, and so much more. All of these are battery powered, and at one point or another, you’ll have to juice them up by looking for a power outlet.

Looking for a power outlet is another problem we would face: not all places have that much many power outlets, which means you have to choose which gadget to charge first during a limited time. Pretty frustrating right?

In order for you to charge your gadgets without looking for several wall plugs, you need a hub that can charge multiple devices using one outlet. Enter the Tronsmart U5PTA USB Charger.

A 54W power brick, the U5PTA has five USB ports for charging your devices. Four of them have Tronsmart’s VoltIQ, a smart charging tech that gives your gadget the best charging levels, while one has Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.

Connecting the U5PTA to a power outlet is easy, as it uses a regular C7 AC cord (the one used in most battery chargers).

Just to prove how useful this peripheral is, we only brought the U5PTA during our recent trip to Thailand, and we were able to juice up two smartphones, a power bank, and a digital camera using the U5PTA. Aside from being able to charge multiple devices, we were able to save luggage space by bringing fewer power adapters than usual.

So if you would ask us, the U5PTA is a great addition to your travel kit, especially if you are bringing multiple gadgets. You can purchase the U5PTA at Tronsmart’s online store for Php 1680.

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