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THE transcript of this article is rather long so that our readers will not get lost along the way in a series, I am sending the rest of the transcript to the editor with the possibility that it will be published early, considering that the subject is sensitive and cannot be taken piecemeal without losing the threads of facts and to avoid misapplication.

The complete title is “On Transgenderism: There is no such thing as a civil right to medical illness” by Dr. Michelle Cretella whose credentials I already mentioned yesterday. You can access John Ritchie at john@tfpstudent and you subscribe for materials from him. He can also be accessed in Youtube, Twitter and FB.

Now, let’s resume with the interview of John Ritchie with Dr. Cretella on this issue that is changing human relationships and the backlash that are dividing communities. Just watch for the rest. Dr. Cretella continues:

“To make matters worse you must realize that prior to transgender ideology, these children were treated with watchful waiting, because for many kids it may be a passing phase. Sometimes the girls may just be tomboys. So with either watchful waiting or family and individual therapy the vast majority, 75-95% of kids, would accept their biological sex by young adulthood. This is child abuse!

“If the parents find that their child is questioning their sex, if things on your own at home are not going well, I encourage all parents to seek out a local therapist who will work with them to find underlying family dynamics or conflicts. If the only therapist you find locally says, “You must accept them as transgender,” you can reach out to us at, that’s our website. We can recommend some therapists who will work with families. If they’re not in the local area, they can even do it by Skype.

(John Ritchie): “College students are pressured more and more to let go of reality, accept the transgender narrative and even use transgender pronouns. If you were in medical school today, how would you respond to that pressure?

(Dr. Cretella) I would hope that I would cling to reality and sound reason. Words matter… biology is reality, not bigotry.

We’re at a point now in which we have documented at least 6,500 genetic differences between men and women. Men and women cannot be treated the same in medicine. Because of these genetic differences women are more prone to autoimmune diseases than men are. We must approach our patients in accordance with their biology, not in accordance with their perceptions which are delusional.

I hope I would be able to respond in that fashion, but it would be very difficult because just as we are seeing this tyrannical enforcement of newspeak on our college campuses, it is the same within the highest levels of medicine. At our office at the American College of Pediatricians, I receive e-mails and phone calls even from physicians and therapist, psychologists on the left who are clearly against us because we’re pro-life, and they’re even LGB[T] affirming, but they will thank me for speaking out because they say, “We wish we could, but we can’t because we’ll lose our jobs. We’ll get death threats.”

“I receive emails from concerned parents throughout the nation asking me to review health curricula because it has now become “transphobic” to teach middle school students that women have ovaries and men have testes. That’s transphobic!

“I have not received any death threats. I have been accused of being the “leader of the skinheads of pediatricians” and a lot of other things that you wouldn’t repeat in polite company. One of my greatest fans who goes by the name of “Slowly Boiled Frog” has decided that I’m not even licensed to be a doctor. He or she writes to imply that I’m some sort of charlatan, or maybe that I did something illegal. So for the record: Yes, I still am licensed. I’ve chosen not to do clinical practice because I believe advocacy requires a full-time commitment.

(John Ritchie): Can a person ever be “trapped in the wrong body?” 

The answer will be under separate space. However, this common question has caused a lot of stir and speculation. Like the metaphor of an elephant in the living room, most people suspect but keep silent about for fear of creating animosities.

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