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By Brian Yalung

With road hazards aplenty, the need for a trusty and reliable dashcam can come in handy at certain points. Transcend, a familiar brand offering a variety of dashcams to consumers, offers an interesting solution in the Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130 – something that may come in handy at the times people least expect it.

High resolution image and video capturing
There are plenty of dashcams available in the market, each loaded with striking features. In this modern age, the quality of image or videos captured counts and fortunately something that the Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130 has covered.

The dashcam makes use of a Sony sensor to assure high-resolution image capture even in low-lit environments. That is further supported by built-in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, making sure that images and videos are captured at the best optimum level.

The Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130 also comes in handy drivers get into an accident. Thanks to the cam’s G-sensor, the impact triggers emergency recording mode to capture footage. The feature can also be manually activated through the red button found on the bottom-left side of the device.

Real-time capture features
Another key feature for the Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130 is the WiFi Live streaming feature. Together with the DrivePro App, this feature allows anyone to render real-time footage either for playback or for download.

Safety and Parking monitoring
The Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130 also comes with a couple of alerts to ensure driver safety. The Headlight reminder alerts drivers of poor lighting conditions, something that automatically activates when needed.

There is also the Parking Monitoring Mode which should shore up the potential incidents that may happen even while already parked. The Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130 will need a constant power supply to keep it up (i.e. powerbanks) and functioning.

Below are some of the key specs of the Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130:
• 2.4-inch color Full HD LCD (1920×1080 resolution at 30 FPS)
• Built-in speaker
• Built-in microphone
• Built-in Li-Polymer battery
• 3-axis G-Sensor
• F/2.0 Lens (130-degree wide angle)
• Micro USB slot

The Transcend Dashcam DrivePro 130 is a simple companion any vehicle owner will want to have. It not only captures photos and videos on the road but ramps up the safety precautions needed in today’s unpredictable world.

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