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THREE MORE – Some issues back, Highspeed wrote on three showbiz clans – Ilagan, Salvador, Padilla – given special recognition by the Film Academy of the Philippines in the ‘90s.

Highspeed focuses on three more showbiz clans – Poe, Muhlach, Eigenmann.

One by one now:

POE – Seems that only Lovi Poe, daughter of Fernando Poe Jr, is the only Poe active in showbiz. FPJ and brother Andy are long gone.

Lovi’s roots are, indeed, impressive. Her dad is King of Philippine Movies and National Artist. Poe Sr., who of course Lovi never met, was top actor, producer, and director in the ‘30s, ‘40s, and early ‘50s.

Think of UP Oblation. Poe Sr. was one of the two models of sculptor Guillermo Tolentino.

MUHLACH – Aga Muhlach, who just made a triumphant movie comeback via “Seven Days,” is the patriarch of the Muhlach clan.
Members of the clan include Niño and son Alonzo, Arlene, Almira. Perhaps in the near future, Aga’s and Charlene Gonzalez’s twins, Andres and Atasha, might just join showbiz.

Their aunt, Amalia Fuentes, movie queen of the ‘60s and former producer, is recovering from a stroke.

EIGENMANN – Heads of the Eigenmann clan are US-based Eddie Mesa (Eduardo de Mesa Eigenmann) and wife Rosemarie Gil.

They have three gifted children: Michael de Mesa , Cherie Gil, and the late Mark Gil.

Two sons of Michael and ex-wife Gina Alajar are in showbiz, Ryan and Geoff. The third and youngest son, AJ, is based in Nevada, a veterinarian.

The children of Mark include Andi (mother Jaclyn Jose), Gabby (mother Irene Celebre), Sid Lucero and Maxene (mother Bing Pimentel).

Cherie’s children are based in the US.

The Eigenmann clan is compared to Hollywood’s Barrymore, very fine actors “with a touch of madness.” Said with affection rather than derision.

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