Three fitness hacks to power your workouts


WE are all fans of the life hack. Those not-so-secret short cuts or tips, meant to make our lives easier.

Who knew paper clips could have a gazillion uses apart from keeping sheets of paper together, right? And we haven’t even begun with baking soda.

To be sure, there are no short-cuts when it comes to making a dramatic transformation. Discipline, hardwork and a near lunatic mind-set must take over. Within the context of that frenzied lunacy there are times when we take our eyes off the prize. Or simply moments when we lack the motivation to put one foot in front of the other.

Here are some simple fitness hacks that may help you slog through a killer workout when the mind is willing but the body is pleading no.

• Pump up the beat

The right music can work wonders in firing up your imagination and getting you pumped up during a workout. That all-too-familiar beat of “Eye of the Tiger” worked quite well for Rocky. Look for the perfect ear candy to set your mind ablaze and get that blood pumping through your veins. No worries, your choice of music is yours alone. Through those ear buds, the music you hear is free from judgment. Whether it’s Taylor Swift’s latest hit, “Electronic Dance Music”, classic Beatle’s cuts, or a cheesy love song like “Ocean Deep”. If it floats your boat and takes you to your destination, queue it up on the playlist. Music can help remove the focus from the exhaustion or lethargy and tune our minds to a state of flowing motivation. It’s a matter of finding what music  works best per individual.

• Get a workout buddy

A wingman or a wingwoman for that matter betters the chances of us pushing through with a workout program. Having a workout partner increases your commitment to a fitness program since you would think twice about skipping a workout knowing that your change of plans would impact someone else. A workout buddy with similar fitness goals may also motivate and challenge you. Ideally, you will be feeding off each other’s energy—sweating and grunting in focused unison toward your shared objectives. Working out becomes more fun as you talk each other up and encourage one another. Choose someone with a similar fitness objective, and, more important, one with a positive attitude and focused mind-set.

• Gear up in style

Dressing for success is not limited to the boardroom. Take over the gym or pavement—whatever the case may be—in slick gym threads paired with trendy kicks that make you look just a little bit faster. Be sure your gears technical specs are up to speed vis-à-vis your workout. Casual sneakers lacking the proper kind of support for your workout are a no-no.  Those compression tights and stylish two-tone gym top may not only make you look and feel like a superhero—but may also help you perform better. Think of yourself as the star in your own reality fitness show. Be a “show and go” type of fitness warrior. Looking good is a powerful motivation. As decked out as you are in that strikingly aggressive gym outfit, your mind is primed to perform to the levels of the fashion statement you are making.

Hope these tips prove to be useful in getting you to your respective fitness destinations.

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