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By Terence Repelente

Images by Noel Pabalate

  • ALL OF THE LIGHTS: The bedroom experiential setup featured lighting fixtures from Philips

  • Philips Lighting Philippines country manager Jagan Srinivasan

  • Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga, architect and urban planner Paulo Alcazaren, and multimedia influencer Kelly Misa-Fernandez

  • The living room experiential area showcased Philip lighting’s step-dimmable LED lamps

  • The kitchen lifestyle are that features concept lighting design

The brightness or dimness of a light can affect our behavior, mood, and attitude. Light plays a focal role in the quality of our life and in the way we experience each moment of it. Lighting’s many different uses not only breathe function and dynamism into spaces, but also provide communities, people, and individuals with new lifestyle experiences and ambience.

With a campaign that advocates eye comfort and proper lighting, Philips sparked an informative event titled “See the World in Comfortable Brightness.” In the event, they shared the importance of proper LED lighting and demonstrated what comfortable brightness looked and felt like in a household setting through a series of well-designed, functional talks.


Philips Lighting assembled a trio of gleaming local ambassadors: architect and urban planner Paulo Alcazaren, multimedia influencer Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga. Aptly called “Eye Comfort Advocates,” these individuals have brilliantly diversified the use of proper lighting in their own fields, allowing individuals and communities to function and live better.

When it comes to homes, specifically for the living room, Paulo Alcazaren deems that it is imperative to preserve a balance between personality and functionality in the area. The landscape architect believes that light should spring comfort and promote wellbeing in living spaces, enveloping the residents with a sense of security, where they can dwell and interact with others harmoniously.

In the kitchen area, Kelly Misa-Fernandez gave her take on choosing the proper lighting for such a multifunctional space. As a mom, she spends a good amount of time cooking and eating with the family in the kitchen. Occasionally, this area also serves as a social hub for dinner parties and entertainment.

Jigs Mayuga believes that choosing the right kind of lighting is crucial in both his field of work and the household. The celebrity makeup artist also shared his professional preference in choosing the right lights not only fit for dozing off, but also for his and his clients— vanity solutions.


Philips Lighting has been revolutionizing the industry for more than 125 years. It continues to develop illumination technologies in its pursuit to address the growing need of the communities for better and more energy-efficient lighting solutions. Philippines country manager Jagan Srinivasan says, “Our responsibility as the global leader in lighting technology doesn’t stop in producing and promoting the use of LEDs. We are also committed in educating consumers about sustainable illumination.”

“At Philips Lighting, we strive to empower the individual by bringing together in-depth understanding of user needs, lighting applications, and scientific insights to create evidence-based lighting solutions for optimal vision, sense of well-being, and performance. We are aware, more than anyone else in the industry, that light influences the human body in greater schemes. Our human centric lighting efforts are devoted to enhancing human performance, comfort, health, and well-being, separately or in some combinations,” Srinivasan adds.

Philips Lighting remains to discover means to drive conversations and theses about the fact that not all LEDs are the same. Through its new Eye Comfort campaign, the brand strives to bring lighting that is gentle to the eyes and brighter for different living environments—an unending and perpetual commitment to make communities enjoy more soothing, convenient, and flicker-free moments.

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