The Questions that ‘Sense8’ Should Answer in Their Two-Hour Finale Special



When I finished the last episode of Sense8 season two, I was left with so many questions. Most especially since Netflix canceled the show.

If you’ve been watching the show since the beginning, you most likely felt betrayed by this move. Netflix axed a series that showcased gender equality, acceptance, and diversity, not to mention that they did it after a HUGE cliffhanger finale. After weeks of fans seeking justice for the show, Sense8 dropped the best news earlier.

You read that right: a two-hour special/finale next year to continue where they left off. Although there’s no promise of a new season in the future, the Sense8 team said they’re still optimistic for what’s next. For now, this finale episode is the best gift for the fans. Let’s just hope it finally answers a few of our questions.

#1 Will Sun throw her brother in jail?

Since the end of season one to the majority of season two, Sun was in jail after her brother Joong-Ki framed her for their dad’s murder. Thanks to Nomi and the other Sensates, she got out of the prison and managed to chase down her brother. However, things didn’t go as planned and he escaped. The good news though is that Sun wasn’t locked up again so I really hope she beats Joong-Ki’s butt and throws him in jail.

#2 Is Lito finally going to win Best Actor?

After coming out as gay to the public, Lito had a hard time booking roles as producers and directors thought he wasn’t a good fit to be an action star. Luckily, before season two ended, he booked a lead role for a film made by an award-winning director. Who knows? He might just get the recognition he deserves and win a Best Actor award in Hollywood.

#3 Will Nomi and Amanita’s wedding push through?

My favorite scene of season two was when Nomi and Amanita proposed at the same time. But since the Sensates are being hunted down, we still don’t have a wedding. Maybe they can squeeze it in the two-hour finale? Please?

#4 Will Capheus win the presidency?

If Capheus’ political enemies stop attacking him and his family, he might just continue his presidential run in Kenya. Whether he wins or not, he’s still going to be popular for driving his bus, the Van Damn.

#5 Is Kala going to divorce her husband and be with Wolfgang?

This is a horrible thing to ask, I know. But Kala’s husband has been a little sketchy during the last few episodes of season two, and Kala already established that she’s in love with Wolfgang. They even planned a Paris trip together if not for BPO capturing and torturing Wolfgang in the final episode. (More on that in the next point.) So will they get their happy ending or not?

#6 Are Whispers and BPO going to leave them alone?

Whispers is basically the creepy headhunter who wants to experiment on (torture) the Sensates. He works for the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO) which studies human mutation. All throughout the show, they’ve been hunting down the main characters, even terrorizing Will’s brain to get information. Likewise, the Sensates managed to kidnap Whispers so they can interrogate him about BPO and Wolfgang’s whereabouts. This is the most important question that needs answers so Sense8 better not hold out on us.


Screengrab from Sense8

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