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By John Tria

John Tria

The Manila elites that keep speaking against the President and his supporters have reached their hubris.

They are the manor born and the convent bred, who flirted with progressive politics in their youth yet consigned them to the wastecan as soon as personal and economic reality bit.

Like Custer, these yellow elites brimmed with enough overconfidence that they lost the 2016 elections. They thought the voting public would believe their false sense of propriety.

They now strut about wishing every ill on the present government they sarcastically refer to as “not theirs.” They laugh and blame it for Marawi’s woes, even as they secretly accuse the people of Marawi themselves, and heap bushelfuls of scorn on the southern cultures they despise.

After all, these to them are nether regions that do not matter-faraway Mindanao where the President they hate,-and many of their househelp- comes from.

In the last elections, their biggest mistake was that the more they lambasted candidate Duterte, the more credible he looked to the electorate long tired of their broken promises and inability to show any proof of performance in their more than two decade rule.

Only these elites remained to believe them were the same people who let out the lies and deception, and professed fealty to their political icons. There included lies they could no longer force majority to digest.

In today’s jaded world “Walk the talk” mattered so much more than the tearjerking speeches of the yellow saints. Duterte spoke the uncomfortable and inconvenient truth, and continues to do so.

With social media’s domination of key and influential demographic segments like the youth any issues they hurled at the president were dissected by a public long accustomed to mudslinging, everyone saw right through them.

On the other hand, the guy from Davao had his city to showcase, and when thousands more visited the southern metropolis to attend a convention or spend a long weekend, their positive impressions of the clean and peaceful city were shared with kin and neighbor, building an avalanche of credibility that won their vote.

After the 2016 elections, their strong protest against the burial of former President Marcos. The yellow elites again hoped that this would bring down Duterte.

It was a gallant effort to restore some of their former support base, but trust and popularity ratings coming after the event showed the same support for the president. The plan to use the Marcos burial just didn’t work.

The declaration of martial Law in Mindanao is another event they may try to use to inflict political damage on the President by painting him as a ruthless dictator.

No less than Sen. Risa Hontiveros has come forward with statements that seem to imply a denial of the gravity of the Maute groups activities in Marawi, saying that the military can deal with them without Martial Law.

Her allies are probably wishing that she, and by association, they can shore up their credibility by mobilizing opinion against martial law.

Well, good luck.

The declaration has received wide support from Mindanaoans who see it as a just and decisive move against a foreign invader with a desire to destroy their common way of life. Coming together, all cultures desire to defeat this menace.

When this happens, the martial law they so fear and use to scare everyone with will be enshrined as a measure acceptable in a constitutional democracy whose institutions are already being rebuilt to address many new threats they never dreamed would come, and serve the interests all the Filipinos, not just theirs.

Thus, if the martial law measure declared over Mindanao works to take down Maute and ISIS succeeds without the massive human rights violations they like to warn us about, then the final battle against this yellow elite will already have been won. Their cards have run out.

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