The LG TWINWash Saves Time & Energy When Doing Laundry


Laundry day is never fun. It’s great if you have someone who comes over on a weekly basis to do the washing but for a household with no help, washday is the worst. It is extremely exhausting and takes a lot of time. Luckily, technology can make the ordeal faster, simpler and easier.

Last year, LG Electronics brought the TWINWash to the Philippines. It enables two separate loads to be washed simultaneously by combining a full-sized front-loading washing machine with a mini-washer, thereby saving time. However, they can also be used separately so you can just use one for smaller loads in order to save energy. Because of its design, the TWINWash is also a space saver that can be used even in smaller homes and condominiums.

This year, LG brings in a new TWINWash model that’s even better because of added features such as the efficient dryer function. With the unpredictable weather in the Philippines, that should come in really handy. Aside from that, its TrueSteam technology removes allergens, wrinkles and odors while softening the fabric. The powerful TurboWash reduces washing time with its jet spray and filtration to disperse detergent directly onto the clothes.

For those who are really looking at owning a smart home, this year’s TWINWash model is equipped with the SmartThinQ Mobile Control that allows users to easily monitor and manage appliances from anywhere (provided that there is internet connection) using a smartphone or a tablet. This technology allows homeowners to start a wash, track its progress and energy consumption, download additional wash cycles, diagnose and resolve issues by opening the Smart Diagnosis program.

With the LG Inverter Drive technology, washing time is optimally adjusted according to the type of clothing and delivers significant savings in electricity costs.

“The LG TWINWash is designed to not only make laundry duties quicker and more convenient at home, but also ensures that each and every garment is given the special care it deserves.”
– Wooyoung Jeon, LG Philippines Home Appliance VP


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