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Floro M. Mercene

By Floro Mercene


We are adding more 2022 presidential timber that I missed during part one of this article.

Senator Grace Poe has name recall being the daughter of National Artist Fernando Poe Jr. and veteran actress Susan Roces.

She made election history by garnering the biggest number of votes, more than 20 million in the May, 2013, senatorial elections.

Despite numerous attempts to have her disqualified, the Supreme Court deemed her a natural-born Filipino citizen and allowed her to run for president in 2016 based on her 10-year residency. Poe garnered the third spot in the presidential race count.

Intelligent and bilingually fluent, she could be the best woman presidential bet, based on her education, clean record, and family background.

2022 could be the year Poe could aspire to be chief executive again, provided she gets enough financial backing.

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos Jr. was being groomed from the start to become president, primarily to burnish the much-tarnished family name.

We are still waiting for the result of his electoral complaint against Vice President Leni Robredo, but whatever the outcome, 2022 would be the best year for Bongbong to make a go for it.

He will be 65 by then, and probably the best time, better than any other, to aspire to become president.

His mother, Imelda R. Marcos, who is 88 today would be 93 by then, and it would probably be the former First Lady’s dying wish that her son recapture the presidency, maybe to rewrite history or to do even better.

It is perceived that the Aquino III administration throw its financial clout behind VP Leni Robredo to run for the second highest spot in the land, knowing that the fate of their presidential candidate Mar Roxas was doomed.

Dressing up Robredo for our version of the Kentucky Derby is not so farfetched an idea, especially if she remains in the Number 2 spot after winning over Bongbong in a recount.

Or she could have it legally, if DU30 is laid down by disease or something else, he himself announcing his premonition of death several times.

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