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Alex M. Eduque

By Alex M. Eduque


And while I firmly believe in the cliché saying that “Time is of the essence,” and try to live life to its fullest with that as one of my core mantras, this won’t quite focus on that right now. Rather, I’m about to share some thoughts with you on the multiple traits and facets that the concept of time poses. This very notion that one word has the ability to provoke a multitude of ideas and thoughts in different minds. So here is my attempt to tell you what time means to me, and why it has and will always be one of the most important multi-faceted ideas in my life – here are my random ramblings, if you will.

Time is one of the most important languages of love (yet another multi-faceted word we can discuss some other time) and I cannot quite think of an equal secondary quite as substantial to spending quality time with your loved ones to make them feel important. In a world that has become so unpredictable and uncertain, the fleeting nature of material things and even life itself for that matter has become amplified. Time shared with those you care most about are minutes, hours and days of fond memories that can never be taken back and away. Make the most out of your time with others, and make it count. Memories are irreplaceable, and you realize this most when it in fact is the only thing you have to look back on.

Time is respect. One of the most basic forms in fact, and I cannot seem to emphasize that enough. I will never understand the cultural concept of “Pinoy time,” nor will I ever find being “fashionably late” to be chic. Of course the inevitable is always bound to happen because life is not perfect no matter how much we plan, but to consistently, and make the conscious effort to inform the other party is something we must never neglect to do or take for granted. In other words, being late on purpose in my books is taboo and should never be a habit. Remember, you are not the only busy one in town. Everyone has something going for them. The least you can do to thank someone for taking the time out to spend a portion of his/her day with you is to be punctual. This may not be a big deal, but believe me – you’d rather be known to be “on time” than “always late.”

Time constantly moves forward, and its very nature will never see it stepping backwards. Because of this, we must always make the effort to be present – not only physically, but holistically – for those we are choosing to spend our time with. In today’s technological age where there are so many distractions posed by a single smart phone, this proves to be more difficult. I personally find there to be nothing ruder than not being one hundred percent there most especially during a conversation with someone else. It does not matter where you are, or what the context of the situation is. Anyone who is wanting to share a bit of their time with you should be gifted back with your fullest attention. Apologies are in order otherwise, if not, be polite enough to excuse yourself to finish a task so that you can later on give your fullest attention. Remember, you are not seated at a dinner table to respond to e-mails, nor do you visit a friend so you can browse on Instagram while catching-up. Where’s the meaningfulness in any of that?

Once the clock has ticked, it’s a new second, a new moment, a new hour, a new day. While none of us can tell what the future holds, we do have the ability to correct a mistake of the past. To live, is to learn. Timing is everything and there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as finding that perfect timing for anything. With the passing of time comes the growth of memories and wisdom. But with it, also comes the riddance of naiveté and innocence.  Try and keep that bit of childlike wonder in you. There is nothing more enchanting than momentarily taking a step back to see the world through the eyes of a child – sans judgment but with much discernment; without expectations, but with much amusement. In the same way that we cannot take back time, we certainly can take lessons we’ve learned with time to start anew and live the life we have always wanted. But remember, the TIME IS NOW!

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