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By Samantha Nicole Alarilla

The summer season is almost over and we’ve been getting more and more May showers with each passing day. So it’s about time we’ve gotten our homes ready for the rainy season. Here are a few tips to get you all geared up for the stormy days to come.

Inspect the roof and the gutters.

Watch out for cracks along the ridge of your roof and where the shingles fold over to form the cap. Make sure the valleys of your roof don’t have any holes or rusty spots and take note of any loose, missing, or curled shingles. As for the gutters, check if they aren’t broken or leaking and while you’re up there, unclog them as well. If there’s a need for repairs remember to get them done quick! Doing all of these will ensure that rain won’t leak into your home and cause irreversible water damage.


Secure your doors and windows.

Make sure that both close and seal properly and to get the necessary repairs and reinforcements done if they don’t.


Check the walls and ceilings.

Look out for water rings, mold, or discoloration, as these are sure signs of roof leakage. No amount of repairs to your walls and ceilings will stop them from getting ruined again if you don’t fix your roof; so refocus your efforts up top first before moving indoors.


Don’t forget the trees!

Fallen dead branches is the number one reason for exterior home damage during the rainy season, so make sure to cut them off and clear them away.


Prepare for flood.

Flooding is our number one concern during the stormy months as we are indeed a country of strong typhoons. But we’ve long since learned to make our homes – and ourselves – a lot stronger. Even if your area isn’t prone to flooding, you can never be too careful. Consider putting sandbags into the low areas of your house to control the flood and moving furniture to higher floors just in case.

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