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By Charina Clarisse Echaluce

The child ghost playing in your house – or the one roaming around your office or playing in a nearby park – might not really be a kid’s soul but an evil spirit, a paranormal expert warned.

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In an interview with Manila Bulletin, paranormal investigator Jade Martin said evil spirits usually pose as innocent children to appear harmless.

“In more than three decades of being a paranormal investigator, I started at the age of nine, I often notice that in most places I’ve investigated, there are certain spots where a ghost of a child is prevalent. Whenever I hold tours and give lectures I would always tell people that I am skeptic when it comes to ghosts appearing as kids,” Martin said.

She noted that children – even ghosts – easily get the sympathy of people.

“Children appear harmless, they easily get sympathy and we often see them as angels. But always remember that evil spirits can disguise themselves as angels of light to deceive people,” she explained.

And when the evil spirit posing as a kid has finally got the sympathy of its target, it will attack anytime soon.

‘Yong iba naghaganap ng mabibiktima. Probably, para i-drain, ‘yong iba i-possess (Others are looking for victims. Probably, to drain their energy or to possess them),” Martin said.

Some of the evil spirits, on the other hand, just want to play and scare people.

The paranormal expert explained that children do not have so much attachment to the world that is why they easily move on after death. Also, they have a forgiving nature.

“The only reason why ghosts still linger is their attachment to this world like unfinished businesses, loved ones they can’t let go, desire for justice, and so on. Kids usually don’t have much attachments yet like we adults do, that is why they easily move on when they die,” she said.

“Typical na bata [nakapagpapatawad kaagad]. ‘Di ba sabi nga ni Jesus be like a child? Kasi they don’t hold grudges (A typical child forgives easily. Jesus said be like a child, right? Because they don’t hold grudges),” she added.

To note, there were cases when a child is killed in a certain area and a spirit copy his/her image. The slain kid has moved on already from the world but the spirit posing as a child continues to haunt people, she noted.

“Lalo na magagamit ang spirit para manakot dahil alam ng mga taong may nangyari dun sa lugar (The spirit can be used especially to scare because people know that something has befell on the place),” she explained.

One of her most unforgettable experiences is when a couple from Makati City asked her help as a child ghost has been playing inside their house, usually pulling their feet.

“Noong tinignan ko ‘yong bata nag-iba ang mukha. Mukhang diablo…. Galing sa mga antique na binibili nila abroad, mahilig silang mangolekta ng weird items (When I looked at the child, the face changed to a devil-like image. The spirit came from an antique item that they bought abroad, they love collecting weird items),”


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