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THE DEPARTMENT of Health claims that there is rising incidence of teenage girls getting pregnant. The solution, DOH and advocates of planned parenthood and contraceptives, is sex education in the schools, even in the elementary schools where girls and boys are beginning to learn about their bodies.

The DOH, the planned parenthood groups and population control agencies have been busy selling pharmaceutical products and condoms that, of course are multi-billion enterprises. Remember now these groups worked feverishly under the unlamented administration of Benigno Aquino III for the government to buy millions of pesos worth of contraceptives and condoms for free distribution?

Among the reasons for this massive flow of pesos is to prevent teenage pregnancy. The rationale is to give condoms to boys and contraceptives to girls then, curious they can experience sex education they studied in the classroom.

Two recent developments will throw ice cold water into the plans of sex education advocates that are intended to prevent pregnancy among girls. These developments did not appear in Philippine media that are mostly advocates of contraception.

Let me quote from the full report of Church Militant that I got last Tuesday.

“The Trump administration is putting $10 million into federal programs promoting abstinence in teen pregnancy prevention programs.

“In July, the Trump administration announced it is taking away over $200 million from the Obama administration’s teen sex education programs which mostly promoted abortion, artificial contraception and LGBT ideology.

“The program, called sexual risk avoidance (SRA), is a more “holistic” approach to helping teenagers to make better decisions regarding sex.

“Valerie Huber, a national “abstinence” advocate, was appointed to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) in June. Telling Focus on the Family about SRA, she commented, ‘They contextualize a whole battery of different topics that surround a young person’s decision whether to have sex or not. Rather than someone telling a young person, ‘Do this, don’t do that,’ it’s casting a vision for a young person’s future.’

“Progressive liberals, and especially organizations like Planned Parenthood, are complaining abstinence programs don’t work, alleging they promote ‘a sex-shaming ‘values’ agenda put forward by members of Congress who are opposed to sex education.’

“Planned Parenthood’s own sex-ed program, however, has been found to be ineffective and includes topics many people find troubling.

“A British study, in the Journal of Health Economics titled ‘The Effect of Spending Cuts on Teen Pregnancy’ revealed that many sex-ed programs are ineffective. It was found that between 2009–2014 when funding for sex-ed was stopped, pregnancy rates actually fell by almost 50 percent.

“It further noted that Great Britain had the highest rate of teenage pregnancy despite having sex-ed pushed in schools since 1969.”

The British are actually finding out and confirming what the Philippine Church had been saying all along during the debate on the RH bill and its corollary sex education program. Ironically sex education was intended to teach kids to avoid pregnancy through contraceptive, an artificial means. As the Church warned, the kids simply experimented and pregnancy among teenagers rose.

The British experience in sex education is clear indication that this method is ineffective. Thus the Americans under the administration of President Donald Trump is going back to the way it was since ancient times and which the Church had been insisting during the RH debate – nothing beats abstinence. What the Church was saying is not out of the blue but an experience of centuries, not only of the Christian era but back to Biblical times.

Sadly, Filipino advocates of population control are aping the western leadership so now they ought to take heed of the findings of their mentors – that sex education in school is ineffective. President Trump is on the right track – teach the children the value of self-control, of the true nature and purpose of human sexuality.

Unfortunately, aberrations had been given much bent and unnatural sexual practices are “cured” but not prevented. The dramatic rise in HIV and AIDS is conclusively determined to be due to loose, unnatural sexual practices, particularly sex between men and the sexual abnormality among gays and lesbians.

As in the prevention of teenage pregnancy, the only solution to HIV-AIDS and other sexual diseases is restraint and abstention, the SRA. Risks always carry unwanted consequences.

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