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By Jesus Estanislao

Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao

Team work and solidarity cannot be limited to individuals within the enterprise working together in small performance delivery units, or to these teams working with each other to promote the different strategic priorities in the enterprise transformation road map. They extend to other groups and possibly other teams even outside the enterprise.

The very first outside group with which teams from within the enterprise can work as part of their governance outreach initiative would naturally be their respective families. Under the “gender and development agenda,” actively promoted by national government policy, a family outreach is a “must.” In undertaking this outreach initiative, each team through its individual members would reach out to their (the individual members’) families.

The first most obvious initiative to undertake in this regard is the sharing of the “5S” practice that each team already has been observing under the enterprise’s governance and transformation program: this is the weekly practice of checking that physical order, upkeep, cleanliness, and proper maintenance of the immediate premises within the enterprise are observed. Everyone is expected to be involved; and each team participates. Indeed, under each team’s weekly working agenda, there is an inspection of the individual desks and cubicles and of the designated premises within the enterprise’s offices assigned to a given team. The “5S” initiative is part of the “clean and green” program: it addresses the need for constantly upgrading the over-all environmental quality and cleanliness (with proper physical order and service functionality) the physical facilities and conveniences within an enterprise’s offices.

It is this “5S” initiative that every individual member of the team brings home under the team’s outreach program. The team then looks for proper ways and means—according to the preferences of the entire team—for individual members to learn from each other and perhaps even visit each other’s family premises. The general idea is for individual members to be engaged in promoting environmental quality and cleanliness both in the office and in their respective homes.

Other initiatives already being observed by the enterprise team that can be included in the team’s family outreach program may include:

  • Promotion of observance of small acts every day that would reinforce good governance habits of any good governance warrior. The over-all aim is to share with family members the sustained effort to imprint a good governance character on individuals.
  • Promotion of the savings discipline, which each working team may already have been observing within the enterprise. Such discipline can be brought home to the families of the individual members of the team as well.
  • Strengthening of the moral foundation for a proper work-life balance in the life of every individual member of the team. There may well be a few “success stories” in this regard, drawn from the team’s actual experience, which can be told and re-told, i.e. propagated and shared with the families of the team members.

Such a governance outreach program pitched to the family of each of the individual team members can and should be of mutual benefit to the enterprise and the families of these individuals working within the enterprise. Under this program, a governance outreach is pitched to the family. In fact, it is from within the bosom of the family that many of the proper attitudes and practices, favouring team work and solidarity, are first inculcated and observed. Thus, this outreach initiative would only serve to re-enforce and enrich these attitudes and practices; in turn, such re-enforcement and enrichment can only bring untold benefits to the individuals who work within the enterprise. From within their respective families, they get happy and strong complementation of the practices of team work and solidarity they then try to observe also in their workplace.

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