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By: Kim Atienza

I love my job. It allows me to learn something new every day.

Out at the Mindanao Sea for an episode of our TV show Matanglawin (ABS-CBN, Sunday morning at 9:45), I discovered piston shrimps or Takla.

They have big claws that can make sound bubbles to kill their prey.

Out there, we met MarioGetoro, a veteran mananakla who started catching piston shrimps at 7.

Mario showed us how to catch piston shrimps. He tied up small crabs and used them as bait to lure the piston shrimps.

If the piston shrimps bite the small crabs, Mario works fast to catch the shrimps as quick as lightning. I tried to do so, but all I got was a wound on my hand.

To get back, I asked Mario to cook those piston shrimps instead.

They were sautéed and tasted deliciously fresh and sweet.

The episode showed that animals and humans could always co-exist. They needed each other one way or another.

These animals can serve as a source of income or food to many. People therefore should strive to protect them.

TRIVIA PA MORE: Here are excerpts from the very useful book Living With Folk Wisdom by Abercio V. Rotor, Ph.D.
Tomatoes can be delayed in ripening and that they ripen uniformly into red colour when stored in moist rice hull ash.

It is an old custom to plant a tree seedling over a buried animal.

On the scientific point of view however, the carcass decomposes into rich organic matter that serves as fertilizer.

Caution should be taken because during decomposition heat and ammonia gas are produced that may be toxic to the plant.

Early Egyptian carpenters trained a tree for years to form right-angled pieces wood. They even made three-legged stools by training three branches in proper directions and cutting the seat out of the trunk between them.

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