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Prepare for the worst


Preparing for disasters and the unforeseen has never become more important than it has now. Mainstream media cycles are peppered with items ranging from earthquakes, and fires to man-made crises such as unlawful armed intrusions. Luckily, at this very moment until Sunday, there is an expo one can go to to prepare for these events.

The Tactical and Survival Expo, ongoing until Sunday at the SM Megatrade Hall at SM Megamall, differs greatly from the annual shows held in the country, it encompasses a wider, more practical subject matter such as surviving manmade disasters, how to prepare for the big one, and practical disaster medicine. Apart from holding talks and symposia on those subjects, the organizers have also invited relevant partners to participate.

Forged is proud to be one of the pioneer participants in the Tactical and Survival Expo. It is a distributor of practical, proven, and quality brands that cater to anyone who wants to ensure they are prepared and ready to face these challenges.

Forged carries everything from waterproof cases to tactical gear, flashlights and knives, and more for all budgets. In addition to providing customers with an extensive range of products to choose from, Forged will be having its biggest sale at the event. Demos on knife maintenance, fire starting, and knife sharpening will be held throughout the day at the Forged store and staff on hand will explain the different features of the products. It will be a good opportunity to handle the gear in person. So whether you’re preparing your load out, a bug out bag, or an active shooter bag, drop by Forged at the Tactical and Survival Expo, they’ll help you out.

Insider tip to the best deals at Forged

Although all items are 20 percent off at the event and all Forged stores from June 1 to 4, the items mentioned below can be availed off at 30 percent off only at the Tactical and Survival Expo.

  •  Vertx Concealed Carry bags and tactical apparel–well thought out bags with numerous features such as zipper blocks, multiple compartments, and the concealed carry section.
  •  Olight Flashlight–a wide range of compact and practical lights, from Everyday Carry (EDC) lights to search and rescue flood lights. Several models will be 30 percent off.
  • Deejo Knives–practical and slim, a modern gentleman’s knife.
  • Cannae Pro Gear–Battle Ready Professional Gear that includes bags, pouches, and apparel that is at home as much in the office or school as it is in a conflict zone.
  •  Kizer Knives–Designed by some of the best known blade designers in the world, including Ray Laconico who can trace his roots back to the Philippines.
  • Swiza–A modern take on the traditional Swiss army knife

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