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HEROES DOWN SOUTH – Photos show some of the gallant men and women in uniform stationed at various posts in Mindanao. (MB file photo)

-An Ode to Soldiers in Mindanao-

They say “Love is in the air”

I’d say love is everywhere-

It can be found in land, sky and water

As love has a malleable character.

But love is of different kinds

Depending on whose heart it emanates from

And its object recipients

It is dissimilar in expressions

and is of varying degrees.

Puppy love sprouts in schools

Where teens for the first time feel a strong attraction

To classmates of the opposite gender

As their hearts in rhythm pulsate faster.

It can spark in  bars at first sight

When a pair meets one random night

Or in airports and terminals

Which echo permanent and temporary goodbyes

But it is the kind that  soon fades.

Or in the workplace

Where workmates bound by the same ideals

Join hearts in the pursuit of a common call

Making lovers and partners of themselves, forming a type of mature love.

Romantic kind abounds in churches of all faiths

Where vows are exchanged

And promises are made of faithfulness and forever

To one’s lifetime lover and partner.

Or filial type in homes

Where spouses’ wedded bliss is shared

Among children and grandchildren

And even trickles down to indoor plants and pets.

Also in hospitals, where its purest form is felt

At deathbeds where the dying’s last heartbeat aches for the beloved,

Or at their nursery sections Where mothers in their most tender embrace

Nurse their newborns in their bosom.

All these kinds of love are mutual and satisfying

They bring  joy and thrill

To both parties’ ends

Regardless of the disproportionate levels, and sad endings for some.

But the rarest and supreme kind is mined

In the hearts of soldiers

now in Mindanao

Fighting the monsters and the beasts and liberating people

Saving lives, and giving up their own.

The Marine and Army soldiers in Marawi’s combat zones

Facing the rampage and bearing all the blows

The Coastguard on round-the-clock watch

Guarding Mindanao seas and the entire archipelago from escapees.

These foot soldiers valiantly fight where bombs and grenades are thrown

The coastguardsmen and navy sleep not

Watching Mindanao coasts in the dead of the night

Tired, but still doing their duty with all their might.

Most unappreciated and underpaid

Torn away from their families for long periods of their existence

Serving the state neither for recognition, nor money, or fame.

Forsaking  one’s self,  placing all loved ones second only to duty.

If this highest form of sacrifice

Is not supreme of all human love

Then what better name should it be called?

When their breed kills and dies for unrequited love

It is nothing but supreme love – of Motherland.

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