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‘Like what I’ve always said, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. There’s nothing to be afraid of.’

Anne Curtis is one of the most influential Pinay celebrities in fashion. If you follow her Instagram posts, she updates fans with outfits she puts together that always get the thumbs up from them. From basic to sophisticated look, the actress has her game on.

Anne Curtis

Bulletin Entertainment got these styling tips from Anne in a recent interview.

First, go for comfort, she said.

“Don’t go for trends,” the actress added. “Go for what suits your body… go for what will make you feel happy and at ease.”

For her, being experimental with fashion is okay.

“I’m the type of girl kasi who likes to mix it up. So as advice, parang ’wag lang silang matakot, you know to always try something new. But then again, it should be comfy yet stylish.”

Looking good does not have to be expensive, she noted. It is all about confidence.

“That should be the girl’s weapon talaga, ’yung confidence nila. Like what I’ve always said, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

For dates, she suggests wearing black heels. Girls’ night out? Wear wedges, she said.

Anne revealed she doesn’t have definite fashion style. She considers Audrey Hepburn one of her fashion inspirations.

Do you know the actress chooses her clothes only right after taking a shower? Her “Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)” depends on the mood she’s in.

“It’s not like I planned my outfit for the week. It’s actually very random. I just go for whatever I feel like wearing on, like I look in the mirror and say na ‘Ah eto gusto kong suotin today,’” she explained.

“Like one day, I want to dress like a Korean, next day I want to be very womanly then after boyish naman. So it really depends talaga sa mood ko.”

Though people have seen her wear the most glamorous clothes, guess what Anne’s fashion essential is: White shirt.
“I like to wear dark colors din pero kasi ang fresh lang talaga tignan ng white and aside from that, it’s super easy to mix up,” she said.

Anne is, indeed, a “fun, brave and adventurous” lady, which is why Primadonna shoes recently renewed ties with her.

Still confidential

Sorry, fans, but Anne is still mum on details about her upcoming wedding to Erwan Heussaff.

“We definitely have a wedding date na but secret talaga!” she said, laughing.

The 32-year-old actress recently had a “secret” bachelorette party in Los Angeles. She went on to thank her sister Jasmine Curtis, who is going to be her maid of honor, for organizing the event.

Anne is excited over her wedding.

“I’m so happy talaga. But you know we just have to keep things private for now,” she said.

Will there be changes career-wise after the bells ring, we asked.

“Super wala!” she exclaimed. “Erwan has always been supportive (of my career) so feeling ko nothing will change talaga. Gagawin ko kung ano ’yung mga gusto kong gawin, same thing with him.”

To the rescue

A few days ago, Anne came to Nadine Lustre’s defence after a netizen mocked her for having “fun” despite her brother’s passing.

“Any ‘Ate’ would do that. Ever since Nadine joined ‘Showtime,’ we became very close talaga aside from being VIVA sisters. So if there’s anything I could do to defend her, especially hindi naman totoo ’yung mga sinasabi online, I will definitely do that,” Anne said.

Speaking of “It’s Showtime,” the noontime show recently celebrated its eight anniversary wherein Anne alongside Nadine and Ryan Bang captivated audiences with their drone-powered live music performance as part of the hosts’ “Magpasikat 2017.”

“Though it’s a competition, at the end of the day we all expressed love. And sobrang nakakatuwa kasi lahat kami nakapag-share ng love sa madlang people,” she enthused.

Anne is currently doing the action film “Buy Bust.”


It is no secret Anne is an avid K-drama fan, having watched “Train To Busan,” “Descendants Of The Sun,” and “Goblin,” among others.

She is also a fan of “Goblin” actor Gong Yoo, who she considers her “ultimate crush.”

To those who tagged her “baduy” because of her K-drama obsession, Anne has this to say.

“Ganu’n naman talaga ’di ba? Kanya-kanya lang ’yan eh. My friends they don’t understand it, but I can’t please everybody naman. Tinatanong nga nila ako ‘Why are you so obsessed?’ sinasabi ko na lang ‘You know, I really can’t explain it pero okay lang kahit hindi nila ako ma-gets,” she said.

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