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What to look for in your baby stroller.


By Steph Asi-de Castro

Like most Millennial moms, I’m a self-confessed geek mom. I try to research about all things baby-related. My free time is usually spent poring over baby articles so almost everything I purchase for my daughter has gone through scrutiny. I’m sure most first-time mothers can relate.

For the stroller, however, it was my husband who totally geeked out. He checked brands, specs, designs, and safety reviews of popular strollers out in the market. We also decided to hold off on the purchase until our baby arrived because we wanted our little one to be able to personally try it before we buy it. Finally, after more than a month of searching and researching, we’ve narrowed down our choices to two: an Italian brand and Aprica.

Of course, you know which won. Props to the salesman at the mall who really made convincing arguments for the Aprica Luxuna Light—he even sat on it to prove his point that it can carry our growing baby. But aside from the salesman’s good persuasion skills, I really believe that this stroller made a case for itself.

For one, the Luxuna Light has front-facing and rear-facing features. I read in an article that newborns can get overstimulated when they are bombarded with too many things for their senses. I was resolved to get a stroller that has the rear-facing feature because this way, I can prevent my baby from getting overstimulated when she’s on it. I can easily talk to her so she will focus on me even if say, we’re in the mall, and there are too many things that she can see. Plus, it’s an added safety feature because she won’t be out of my sight.

Aside from that, the Luxuna Light aces the convenience department. Imagine this: It’s just you and your baby out in the mall. You hold your baby with one hand, take the stroller out of the car trunk with the other, unlock the safety control lock, place your little one in your stroller, strap her in, and voila! You’re off! That’s really how easy it is. We were once out with our friends when one of them commented how user-friendly our stroller is. I confessed that I really haven’t read the manual because I easily figured out how to operate it. He proceeded to tell us how they bought a bulky stroller only to end up not using it because it was too much of a hassle to bring it out. With us, we just really load it in the car and bring it out when needed.

Speaking of our car, we have a subcompact hatch, which means it’s challenging to fit in all of our baby’s essentials. Thank goodness our stroller doesn’t take up too much space. Had we chosen the bulkier model from the other brand, we would be left with very little room for our other things.

One more thing we don’t have to worry about with the Aprica is its aftersales support. Should a part of the stroller break, you can easily contact the Aprica head office here so they can check if it covers warranty. If not, they can send the missing part from Japan. Thankfully, we haven’t had to do this yet. We’ve never encountered a problem with it since we got it in month one—and our baby’s now almost nine months! That’s one less thing to think about, which makes me a happy mom.

Another plus is this stroller’s ease of cleaning. So far, we only had to spot-clean ours because we store it in our living room and cover it when not in use. But should you need to thoroughly clean it, most parts are washable.

Of course, we also had to consider the price of the Aprica. Admittedly, there are other cheaper alternatives out in the market, but I really don’t want to scrimp on something as essential as a stroller. If you consider the whole range of prams on sale, the Aprica is what you would call “the happy medium”—not too cheap, but not too expensive either. Besides, with all the features available on the Luxuna Light versus other strollers, the price is more than justified. I also like to think that this one is going to grow with our baby. It can carry up to three years old or 15kg.

We liken bringing out our Aprica to a fun run of exotic sports cars. You know how other car guys check out other people’s rides? We sometimes check out other babies’ strollers. And every time we see someone with the same stroller as our baby’s, we smile and nod at the parents as if saying, “You’ve made a good choice” and they almost always smile back to acknowledge that. We know we have.

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