‘Starting Uber Again’: Read Excited Reactions After the 15-Day Hiatus


The LTFRB finally lifted Uber’s suspension after the ridesharing company paid a P190-million fine. (We want to know how they came up with that amount.) Of course, collective cheers were seen on social media after the 15-day hiatus ended. We could finally go home with ease—if there was no surge that is.

Netizens happily shared screenshots of their app to welcome Uber back. (Yes, including us.)

Many posted how they got home fast and safe when they used Uber again.

There were also cute exchanges between riders and drivers.

Of course, we can’t forget the witty song references.

Meanwhile, Saab Magalona also suggested something that can improve the rider’s experience.

You get the picture: Everyone’s elated to finally use Uber again to get around. Yay for more options and easy bookings! Again, welcome back!


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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