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Sonata, one of the largest-selling watch brand from Titan Company Limited, part of the TATA group, launched their safety watch called ACT – App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker. This one-of-a-kind safety watch makes use of custom-made technology, enabling women to step out and pursue their dreams.

With an objective to showcase the ease of use of the ACT watch, a user-related context was used to narrate the story. The first female safety watch for women in the Philippines was launched at the Festival Mall.

Elaborating on the concept behind the Sonata ACT TVC, Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer, Watches & Accessories, Titan Company Limited says, “The Indian woman has evolved to take on more challenges and responsibilities. With Sonata ACT, we are offering these talented and multi-faceted women with an enabler that allows them to courageously follow their dreams. The latest campaign for ACT is a celebration of the new-age Indian women.”

“We started off by thinking that whatever said, we have to make sure that the functionality of the watch doesn’t get missed. This wasn’t just a watch, it’s a new concept. And it was important to communicate that.

sonata act

“We are all so inspired by the many women in our country who remain focused on their goals, despite the everyday issues they face concerning their safety. We decided to celebrate this resilience through a simple story of two sports women”, says Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Director, Mullen Lowe Lintas.

Sonata ACT marks the first safety watch from Titan Company Limited and is available at an accessible price of P4,094 to P4,495 in Watch Republic Store Festival Mall, other selected Watch Republic stores and leading department stores.

This one-of-a-kind safety watch makes use of custom-made technology and is designed exclusively for women. For further details, visit

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