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By Charissa Luci

House Majority Leader and Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas advised the members of the House of Representatives “to stay put in Manila” while waiting for President Duterte’s report on his proclamation of martial law in Mindanao.

He said they are still awaiting the President’s report before they could roll up their sleeves and vote on the fate of his martial law declaration.

Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas

“We will have to wait for the report of the President in order for us to exercise our constitutional duty on the matter,” he said.

Under the Constitution, within 48 hours from the proclamation of martial law or the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, the President shall submit a report in person or in writing to Congress.

“The Congress, voting jointly, by a vote of at least a majority of all its Members in regular or special session, may revoke such proclamation or suspension, which revocation shall not be set aside by the President. Upon the initiative of the President, the Congress may, in the same manner, extend such proclamation or suspension for a period to be determined by the Congress, if the invasion or rebellion shall persist and public safety requires it,” Fariñas said, quoting Article 7, Section 18 of the 1987 Constitution

Fariñas said they “may have session as soon as we receive his official report.”

Under our Rules, our sessions are until Friday, he said.

“The Speaker and I will meet in a while and will call for the necessary military and police officials to give us a briefing,” he said.

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