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For Team Kramer, the family that watches movies together, stays together

Many families love watching movies together and the Kramers are no different.

Team Kramer with Jude Turcuato (leftmost)

However, the celebrity brood, composed of husband and wife Doug and Cheska Kramer, and children Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin, need not troop to a movie house to do so because they have a mini theater at home.

Equipped with a huge screen and surround sound, the nook also has four lazy boy chairs and one huge sofa.

“It’s more immersive,” said Doug. “It contributes a lot to our family forming a solid bond.”

Cheska revealed Doug is the boss when it comes to movies they watch. Doug reasoned he merely wants to maximize the technology afforded by their expensive set-up.

“Our home cinema is filled with giant speakers, so obviously you don’t need to put it on full blast if you’re just watching a chick flick or something,” he explained. “It needs some action, some gun fire so, I always choose those kinds of movies.”

And the kids love it.

Cheska related that their kids always side with their father when choosing films.

As if to appease his wife, Doug told Cheska she will always be her first movie partner.

“Cheska and I, we used to watch movies together all the time then suddenly my movie partner became my kids na,” he said.

Doug noted Kendra, their eldest, is into all sorts of movies, even scary ones.

He admitted as much, relating how the whole family actually watched the 2003 action-horror film “World War Z” a couple of times.

‘Moana’ (Photos screengrab from YouTube) /

‘Moana’ (Photos screengrab from YouTube)

“Believe it or not, we’ve watched it 50 times or more, I’m not joking,” he shared. “Even in the van, on our tablets.”

Doug said Kendra also loves the American family road comedy “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul,” and last year’s American computer-animated musical fantasy-adventure film “Moana,” something she shares with her five-year-old sister Scarlett.

The couple’s youngest child, four-year-old Gavin, loves the 2016 American superhero film “Captain America: Civil War.”

New name, new look

The Kramers usually enjoy their favorite flicks via Star Movies because of its huge line-up of blockbuster films.
The experience will get better with Star Movies’ recent rebranding as Fox Movies.

According to Fox Network Group (FNG) Senior Vice President and General Manager Jude Turcuato, the rebranding sees them taking advantage of their Hollywood pedigree, being part of the 20th Century Fox group.

“A lot of people don’t know that because we use the brand Star in Asia. So we thought it would be better for us to use that name because people (here) know (that better than) 20th Century Fox,” he explained.

Scene from ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (

Scene from ‘Captain America: Civil War’

There will be no major changes in programming, but Jude maintained the experience will be better because this time, the “graphics will be much-much nicer, more premium.”

This month, Fox Movies will show 52 blockbuster movie titles for 52 nights including “X-Men Apocalypse,” “The BFG,” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.”

For Fox+ users, all of the mentioned content will be uploaded on the player on the same day.

“And that’s a big advantage because no other player actually show movies this recent,” Jude said.

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