Social Media Unites in Sharing Public Transportation Horror Stories


Today in “The Government Telling a Narrative Different than the Truth,” they claimed they need to regulate ride-sharing services so they can be as safe as other forms of public transportation such as taxis, buses, and jeepneys. It is also a move to regulate private cars in the metro to control traffic.


We need to remind the LTFRB that before these ride-sharing services became popular, taxi scams were blatant. And they still are.) They were so bad that they even led to alleged rape and theft. Others have even been apprehended for masturbating while driving a passenger. Every so often, public commuters ran the risk of getting their belongings snatched while in the jeepney. One incident event led to death. More often than not, people would be victimized by groups of people who crowd you in the bus to pick your pockets. And worse, to sexually harass you.

These are just a few of the reported cases. I wonder how many more out there haven’t been reported. So to the dear LTFRB, who should remember that these transportation network vehicle services people better than you do, the people who pay their taxes, aka, the people who pay for their salaries, your recent move is one for the “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” books.

Netizens, who are dependent on the relatively safe and secure services of these transportation companies, have tagged the LTFRB in different horror stories about public transportation. If this is what they deem as “safe,” then they’ve brought the term “#alternativefacts” to a whole new level.

The stories range from personal experience with horrible drivers to the different violations jeeps and buses commit on a daily basis. These include road safety concerns and environmental issues.

LTFRB, before you make a move, please get your facts straight, first!


Photo courtesy of Wired

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