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New suites, Lalique crystals, and a personalized entertainment system—Singapore Airlines just upped the ante in luxurious inflight experience.


By Krizette Chu

And here you thought the golden age of travel is long gone.

Not if you’re flying Singapore Airlines’ A380 aircraft. Next month, SIA will unveil its new cabin products, including a jaw dropping first class Suite that is set to be the standard for the next decade in ultra luxurious inflight experience.

After four years of research and development, and $850 million spent to retrofit the A380s, SIA unveils new suites to be located at the upper deck measuring 50 square meter each (yes, the size of your regular one bedroom condominium unit!).

  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 1 Combining two first class suites can give couples a chance to bond

  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 2 SIA unveils new suites to be located at the upper deck

  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 3 Suites lavatory

  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 4 Newly debuted my KrisWorld allows passengers to save their details so that they can pick up where they left off; Meals from award winning chefs by SIA’s international culinary panel


  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 6 Seared nut crushed veal fillet

  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 7 Prawn and chicken laksa

  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 8 Lobster thermidor

  • FIRST CLASS LUXURY 9 Singapre bakut teh

Six First Class Suites will now occupy the front section, replacing the 12 previous 30-ft. suites.

Don’t think of it as your regular First Class seat that reclines fully. This new product is a veritable hotel room, with each of the six suites featuring their own beds, measuring 27 x 76 inches, a Poltrona-upholstered plush chair that swivels (first in the sky) and which can be adjusted, a pop up vanity and a handbag areas, and lighting features you can personalize depending on mood and your circadian rhythm (including your own table lamp.)

Inflight entertainment is tops. Say goodbye to the minuscule 24 inch screen and enjoy your very own 32 inch HDTV touchscreen, plus another smaller monitor just in case you’re lying flat on your bed.

A personalized, newly debuted my KrisWorld now allows passengers to save their details so that they can pick up where they left off. That means if the plane touches down while you’re in the middle of a gripping film, you can hit pause and resume watching in your next SIA flight. Suites guests can also save their preferences for the lighting mode they prefer.

Traveling with a companion? The dividers of the first two suites can come down so the beds are side by side.

SIA’s structural makeover extends into the amenities. This year, Lalique, the French luxury house, has been tapped to provide crystal glassware and toiletries (including perfume and a unisex kit that includes votives), while Wedgwood crockery, fit for the Queen, is used to offer meals conceptualized by SIA’s international culinary panel, which includes Michelin star chefs.

Guests can also look forward to plush duvets, pajamas for First Class passengers, and in flight meals that promise to continue the airline’s “Farm to Plane” initiative.

The First Class suites on the five new A380 Aircraft will be launched on Dec. 18, on the Singapore to Sydney flight.

14 more of the airline’s A380s, until 2020, are expected to be retrofitted.

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