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By: Kim Atienza

A place called Wolf & Bear Dog Café houses snow dogs like the Siberian husky and the Alaskan Malamute.

Snow dogs are extremely industrious but require cool living quarters and a supply of ice water to survive.

That’s why at the Wolf & Bear, there’s an ice-eating activity where customers are allowed to feed the dogs with ice cubes to help them cool down. The café’s second floor provides an aerial view of all the dogs and it’s where the smaller dogs are placed.

Every graduation season (May or June), sunflowers bloom at University Avenue in UP-Diliman. They are planted months in advance in anticipation of graduation day.

Called mirasol in Filipino, the yellow flowers are meant to cheer graduates after years of hard work at the university.

They are called sunflower because they seek the sun in any angle.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Here are some bits and pieces of trivia from a remarkably useful book, Living with Folk Wisdom as written by Dr.Abercio Valdez Rotor.

Urai (Amaranthusspinosus) the plant becomes spiny as it matures. It is the very young plant that is gathered as vegetable.

Mulberry (Morusalba) leaves are the chief food of silkworm. The fruits when ripe are purple to black, and when very small, juicy and fairly sweet.

Wild Taro (Colocasiasp), the Palawan gabigrows, twice the height of man. There is a technique in preparing and cooking this taro.

Or making starch out of it. The key is thorough cleaning and cooking.

Gulasiman (Portulacaoleracea) has succulent leaves and stems which are cooked as vegetable.

The Tagalong term for ostrich is abestrus.

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