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By Zaldy Comanda

ROOFTOP POWER ENERGY – The 564.48 kW-solar energy facility at the rooftop of SM Tuguegarao City in Cagayan, will be launched on December 7, as part of the SM PrimeHolding’s (SMPHI) commitment to make its operations sustainable and environment friendly as the world prepares for the effects of climate change.

Tuguegarao City – The rooftop of the newly opened SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan has been fitted with 1,764 solar panels and the 364.48 kW solar energy facility is set to be launched on December 7.

According to SM Public Relation Officer Prince Lou Lauiagan, the latest solar energy facility at SM Supermalls was part of SM Prime Holdings’ “commitment towards making its operations sustainable and environment-friendly as the world prepares for the effects of climate change.

The panels can produce approximately 1,524 MWH annually, enough to energive up to 56 escalators at the same time.

The project capacity has an avoidance of 1,143.072 tons of CO2 emission per year which is equivalent to the planting of 5,715.36 trees per year.

These panels are also expected to save the mall more than P5 million in electricity costs per month.

She said, the solar rooftop will be the second industrial solar project in Cagayan, aside from St. Paul University Philippines.

Other environmental efforts is the mall’s use of a water recycling facility that uses sewage treatment as part of water conservation effort, and recycles non-potable water for malls’ lavatories.

Solid waste management will also be highlighted in mall operations with the “Trash to Cash” program allowing the community and mall tenants to convert their scraps into cash.

SM Supermalls aspires to be exemplary for commercial and industrial establishments, this latest milestone on green energy projects reaffirms SM Prime’s commitment to its role as a catalyst for economic growth, delivering innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities that enrich the quality of life of millions.

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