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At 61, Charo Santos-Concio can look to the horizon and smile

Charo Santos-Concio, considered one of the most powerful women in the local media industry, has shown how to rise from the ranks as production assistant-turned-actress and now Chief Content Officer of ABS-CBN.

Charo Santos-Concio

There are new lessons she imparts these days, including ageing gracefully and leaving legacy based on values.

“Legacy is really more about values, a universal truth that you leave your children. Whatever role a person portrays because we wear different hats in life, I hope they were able to touch the lives of everyone they meet along the way and teach them lasting values,” Charo said at the Living and Leaving Legacy press conference of SunLife Financial Philippines, which she endorses.

She teaches loved ones to face their fears. She believes having confidence allows individuals to take risks, learn from experience, and reach their goals.

“Fear of rejection, I think it’s normal for us. Human beings look for affirmation. (But) that’s a big hindrance for trying out new things or to even think of failing. Mahirap mag-fail, masakit sa ego at dignidad sometimes. But you learn more from your failures than you would ever learn from your success. I think it’s a great value that everyone should have.

“It’s really courage and having the inner strength to face the truth and your fears and see how you can stretch yourself and see your capacity to excel, to love, to do good,” she said.

Open skies policy

At 61, Charo admitted she has questions on how to face the next phase of her life – retirement, when the time comes. However, she has also become more open and adventurous.

“I knew that I’ll be going through some adjustments but I look forward to it because I’ve been working all my life. I’m enjoying this stage where I’m able to try things I have never done in my life. I’m still discovering myself,” she shared.

Charo never thought that at her age she would still be trying new things, even endorsing a number of brands.

“You’re kinder to yourself, you’re more gentle with yourself. You reach the stage where you have gone through so much, you learned so many lessons. Maybe because I’m so open na to all the opportunities coming my way. That also speaks about my attitude ever since I was young. Surprises continue to come my way,” Charo said.

She added, “I guess I would just never try the more adventurous sport. I always have to look within the context of my strength and weaknesses. But whereas before na kahit simpleng bagay may takot ka kaagad, this time there’s a lot more desire to try. It’s the attitude that changed. But calculated naman, kasi kung hindi naman kaya ng katawan ko, huwag na akong magbida.”

The mother of two admitted that she has already secured the future of her children. The early demise of her father taught her the importance of preparing for the future of the loved ones that individuals leave behind.

“Harapin natin ’yung dapat natin harapin. Isa sa mabuting paraan sa pagharap ay mag-plano. Pag-planuhan natin ang ating kinabukasan. When we’re gone, we’re gone. Let’s make life a little less messy for the ones we are going to leave behind. That’s true legacy for our loved ones, the assets we accumulated throughout the years. It’s a symbol of hardwork, patience and perseverance,” she maintained.

Working hard and efficient planning for their future is also like her gift to her loved ones.

“Hindi ko naman hawak ang buhay ko. I guess I planned within the context of what I have and what I can afford. You plan within your own capacity to plan. I don’t do things that are beyond my capacity. I always try to plan things within a certain context. Palagay ko, lahat naman ng pinangarap ko ay natupad,” she said.

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