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Introducing a new supplement that not only whitens your skin, but also protects you from the sun


By Mary Angela Barlongay

Admit it. Almost everyone of us wants to have that fair, radiant skin, that blooming aura every celebrity has. But having that glowing complexion takes months, even years of hard work and thousands worth of skin care products and treatments, not to mention a glam team. Whitening products often let us down. On the other hand, using sunblock is tedious and tiresome, especially since we have to re-apply every after two hours.

Actress Marian Rivera-Dantes

But there’s a new product in the market that not only whitens your skin, but can also protect you from the sun. VidaNutriscience, makers of SnowCaps and mySlim, has launched its newest supplement, the Snow Crystal White Tomato. It contains some of the most effective ingredients to help you achieve healthy white skin.

Clinically proven to slow down aging and photo aging, and to even out skin tone, Snow Crystal White Tomato has twice the whitening power because it contains 500ml glutathione and 800ml Pythofloral. Phytofloral is a natural supplement that protects the skin from UV damage. Just imagine having a force field protecting you from the sun. It is clinically proven to whiten and brighten your skin from within. Snow also contains 500mg Kohjin L-glutathione, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants. It helps remove free radicals and repairs skin.

Snow Crystal White Tomato is the first supplement in the Philippines to offer the unique combination of Phytofloral and Kohjin Glutathione. “At VidaNutriscience, we take pride in the fact that we are always fresh and always relevant,” said Erick Armigos, president and CEO of Vida Nutriscience. “We were among the first in the country to offer whitening supplements with 500mg of glutathione with our very popular SnowCaps brand.  We were also the first, and so far the only company to come up with a Yerba Mate-based supplement and drink in mySlim,” he continues.

 Achieve that flawless and radiant complexion with Snow Crystal White Tomato.

Achieve that flawless and radiant complexion with Snow Crystal White Tomato.

Primetime queen Marian Rivera-Dantes swears by Snow Crystal White Tomato. Even though she has been in the showbiz world for more than 10 years and has become a mom to one-year-old Zia, she still shines like a star. As a working mom, she juggles between doing tapings, event shows, and photo shoots and taking care of her husband and daughter. She says that Snow Crystal White Tomato has helped her maintain her glowing skin despite her busy schedule. She admits she also needs these types of supplements to add to her confidence.

“Marian’s looks tend to distract us from the fact that she is an extraordinary, multi-faceted woman. She worked as a psychologist. She is a versatile actress in different genres like drama, action, and comedy. She has also hosted a dance show, a gag show, and a talk show. Now she is a hands-on mother and an ambassador for The Smile Train. She is fearless, she always has the confidence to reinvent herself and her career. This is why she stays relevant and this is why she is the queen,” says Erick. “At this stage in her career and as our company continues to grow and introduce innovations to health and beauty, Marian is a perfect fit for Vida.”

Snow Crystal White Tomato is available in Mercury Drugstore, Watson’s, and other leading drugstores nationwide;; Facebook/snowskinwhite

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