Sharon, now a certified fan of Ian Veneracion


MANILA — Sharon Cuneta is now a certified fan of actor Ian Veneracion.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Cuneta praised the “A Love To Last” actor who has agreed to guest in three of her five shows in the United States despite starring in the primetime series

“Taping a teleserye in the Philippines isn’t a joke. He was taping everyday until the most unholy hours before he flew here two days before our first concert, then drove with us to San Francisco the day after for the second one. The next day, he flew home and went straight to his teleserye set! AND he had to stay there the whole week for non-stop work. I hear he had his family come just so he could see them because he couldn’t go home. Yesterday, he arrived in L.A., did the show last night and flew home today – to go back to his set. Whattaguy,” Cuneta wrote.

“I must have done something right to deserve such respect and like I said, such generosity and kindness from who is now such a BIG star. All young artistas (and even much older ones) should take a cue from Ian’s attitude and emulate him.

“The audience couldn’t get enough of him, and he was only too happy to indulge them and was so humble and lovable that I know in my heart he is going to have a long, long career in the business. Such sincerity,” Cunetas added.

As she thanked Veneracion for being part of her US concert tour, Cuneta joked that they could be a new love team. 

“Pag naging team-up tayo, nickname natin pale pueding ‘SHARONIAN!’ Hahaha! Or ‘Shanian.’ Or after Andeng, puede naman si Shareng. Hahaha! Nakakatuwa ka kausap. Feeling ko sasakit lang tiyan natin sa kakatawa! See you soon! And like I said, you deserve every success you are experiencing now. I am truly, TRULY happy for you!” Cuneta wrote.

In his Instagram post, Veneracion also thanked Cuneta for guesting him in her shows.

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