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Diana Dayao is used to being in the background having started her music career by writing songs for other artists.

Diana Dayao

“I wrote two songs in Keith Martin’s album, and that’s how my songwriting career started,” said she in an interview with Bulletin Entertainment. “Eventually I got to write singles for Zsa Zsa Padilla, Kyla, Jed Madela, Ronnie Liang, even the Mocha Girls.”

The artist added: “I’ve always liked singing but I always hear na, ‘No, stick to songwriting. Singers come and go, but songwriting ’yan ang buhay ng industry.’”

Friends and family eventually changed their minds – and hers. The result is her nine-track debut album “Senti Sultry,” which is almost exclusively made up of her compositions.

The collection begins with “One Day,” a no-nonsense ballad that Diana describes as “a journey in fulfilling a promise of love.” The song is a grower just in several plays.

Diana leans heavily on her rhythm & blues roots throughout the album. There’s the ’90s-styled R&B ballad “I;” the mid-2000 R&B beats in the synth heavy Tagalog track “Bakit Ganon;” and themid-tempo R & B romp in “Questions” featuring Knowa Lazarus of Q-York.

For pure maudlin “feels,” check out “Another Day.” On “Ikaw Lamang,” Diana gets help from American singer-songwriter Keith Martin.

If there’s a quality that Diana prides herself of, it is her flexibility.

“‘Senti Sultry’ is a mix of different moods. We express sentimentality in different ways. Sometimes you’re ‘senti’ but still want to be positive. And at times (you’re) hopeful, or minsan naman you’re down. It’s all reflected in this album.”

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