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Victor Filart, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation Vice President, leads a team of brilliant minds who have a clear vision for innovation – work with the consumer in mind. “From brainstorming to selling in stores, we are guided by our values and passions,” says Filart.

“Samsung Digital Appliances are great investment pieces because they are equipped with innovative features that enhance the homemaking experience. We take pride in our appliances’ efficiency, enabling you to provide quality service and create precious family time.”— Victor Filart, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation Vice President

The smart home is a dream project for the tech giant. “The smart home harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). We’re looking at a household where the air conditioners, washing machines, and other compatible devices can be controlled via a smartphone app. You monitor and assess the performance of your appliances anytime, anywhere.”

“We already have a few appliances that are in line with this vision. Our research and development teams are working hard to find more ways to elevate convenience and comfort at home.”

But they do not just simply create nor innovate. “We are inspired and guided by how Filipinos love their family. We want to create the best living environment for them.”

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Filart empathizes with Samsung’s consumers who are striving to find the right balance between work and household responsibilities. “Just like Samsung’s patrons, I also support my family. They are at the core of what I do. I, too, would love to spend more time and take better care of them.”

Filart leads Samsung in developing appliances that not only work for their owners, but are perfect partners in the homemaking experience.

“The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine and Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator are great examples of appliances that respect your time. They are equipped with innovative time and resource-saving features.”

The AddWash allows you to add forgotten clothes or delicate fabrics in the middle of a cycle via a secondary door. Its EcoBubble technology converts detergent into powerful cleansing suds that penetrate fabric 40 times faster than regular machines. The Super Speed setting cuts down laundry time to only 59 minutes.

Samsung Digital Appliances

Meanwhile, when it comes to food, Filipinos are changing their consumption habits. “More people are embracing healthy eating. People frequent the supermarket to ensure that their food items are in good condition.”

These insights inspire the innovation behind the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator.

The home’s partner in living fresh, it retains up to 70 percent humidity in the fridge, providing an adequate amount of cool air to keep food preserved two times longer. It is also designed with two separate evaporators to keep odors from the freezer and fridge compartments from mixing.

This means less food wastage, fewer trips to the grocery, and more quality time with loved ones.

“We want the Smart Home to be the pinnacle of comfortable and convenient home living.”

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